• boy working on homework  Homework Assignments

    Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday to reinforce concepts learned in class and to establish independent learning skills. Below you will discover an outline of the weekly homework. In addition to homework, students are welcomed to bring home book bags throughout the year. I encourage students to not only read the book included, but to complete some of the activities that come along. These project are optional, but fun for the whole family to do together.  

    Click here to view the daily agenda. 

  • * If homework is forgotten in the classroom, students will need to pick it up the next day.
    * Homework will not be accepted after the second day it is late.
    * Students will be provided one day for each day they were absent to make up missed homework assignments.
    * Students should spend 20 - 30 minutes on homework plus 20 minutes of reading each night.
    * Students are excused from the spelling activity if they receive no marking in their spelling book that day. 
    * Homework passes may not be used on book projects or poem recitations.  

    * Book projects will take the place of language homework each quarter. 
    * Make sure students pack up all items needed for school the night before. 
  • Monday:
    • Math and fact page
    • Handwriting Practice
    • Read for 20 minutes
    • Pink and white returned 
    • Parent signature on agenda
    • Math and fact page 
    • Spelling words 3 times each
    • Read for 20 minutes
    • Pink and white returned 
    • Parent signature on agenda
    • Math and fact page
    • Write spelling sentences
    • Read for 20 minutes
    • Pink and white returned 
    • Parent signature on agenda
    • Math and fact page
    • Spelling words in ABC order
    • Read for 20 minutes
    • Pink and white returned 
    • Parent signature on agenda
    • Read for 20 minutes
    • Study spelling words
  • Homework Suggestions

    Have a routine 
    Try to have your student complete homework at the same time in the same place. 

    Quiet and focused
    Have your student work in an area that is quiet and has very few distractions.

    Do what you can
    Homework enforces concepts taught in class, so students should be able to work out problems on their own. Have your child complete the ones that they know first on their own. Then, assist them in completing the others.  

    Know when to walk away
    If your child is having a difficult time with a problem, circle it and write me a note. I will go over that one with them in class. Homework is not supposed to frustrate the family. 

    Show your work
    Students should show their work and bring it to class. When we go over the answers and they get one incorrect, we will be able to go back and see where the mistake was made. 

    Read, Read, Read
    Students should be reading nightly for atleast 20 minutes. Reading has many benefits for a child. Read some of those reasons here on Reading by Phonics.

    If you have any questions about the homework assigned, view our agenda or send me a message using Bloomz. This will send a text to my phone allowing me to answer you quickly.