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    sick bear
    •  If your child is going to be absent, please the attendance office at 480-812-6903.
    • Students will receive their homework upon returning to school.  
    • Students will be provided one day for each day they are absent to make up their homework assignments.

    no peanuts
        • Please notify me if your child has any allergies or sensitivity toward food. 
        • When providing treats for the class, please do not send anything that contains peanuts. It will NOT be served to anyone in the class. 
    • The second-grade students of CTA-Goodman will begin participating in the AR Reading Program.
    • Students will have a quarterly goal to achieve.
    • Students can test on any book at their level that has an AR test.
    • Books can come from home, school, or the public library.
    • For more information about our AR program, please click here 
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    Back Packs
    back pack
        • Backpacks should be brought to school daily.
        • They should be big enough to hold the green folder and math book.
        • Please label your child's first and last name somewhere on their backpack. 

    • CTA-Goodman follows Dr. Marvin Marshall's Discipline Without Stress strategy to promote responsible behavior.
    • Students were introduced to the "ladder" in kindergarten. The "ladder" is continued on in all grades.
    • Students will be sent home daily with their "level'. Students aim to be a level 3. 
    • Students will write a letter home that will need to be signed and returned for undesired behavior. 
    • Here is a poster of each level with an explanation: Visual of Hierarchy 
    • Visit the behavior page to view the behavior codes.  

     Bell Schedules
        • The first bell rings at 8:00. Students will line up and be picked up by their teacher.
        • The second bell rings at 8:10. Students should be in class before the second bell rings.
        • Students who come after the second bell will need to go to the attendance office to sign in. They will then receive a late pass for class.
        • The dismissal bell rings at 2:40.  

    • Students are allowed to bring in a special treat to celebrate their birthday with the class. 
    • Please let me know beforehand, so I can plan accordingly.
    • birthday All food must be store-bought.
    • No cakes, cupcakes, presents, or balloons, please. Save these special items for the home.
    • Here are a few suggestions for items that are good for school: Little Debbie Snacks, ice cream sandwiches, snack-size potato chips, and fruit snacks.
    • There are 26 students in our class (plus one teacher). 
    • If you are planning on having a birthday party and would like to invite students from class, please use the parent contact sheet. I will only pass out invitations if ALL students are invited.  

    Book Orders
              • Book orders can be placed online. 
              • To order online: www.scholastic.com/bookclubs
              • You will create your own username and password by clicking on "Don't have a username and password".
              • You will then be prompted to enter our class activation code. This code is: GJTY9
              • Book orders can also be placed by returning the order form to me with a check made out to Scholastic Book Club.
              • Book orders will be placed the morning after they are due.
              • Please allow up to two weeks for the books to be delivered.
              • Click here for more information on book orders.

    Box Tops Box tops
    • Box Tops are a great and easy way to earn money for our school.
    • You only have to scan your receipts to earn points from your participating purchases. 
    • For more information, please visit Box Tops for Education

    Bucket Fillers

            • A bucket filler is someone who says or does nice things for someone.
            • Doing something nice for someone not only fills their bucket, but it will fill our bucket too. 
            • The idea came from Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  by Carol McCloud.
            • Students can acknowledge another bucket filler by writing them a note for their basket.  
            • Baskets are emptied every Friday. Students are aware that they may not receive a note weekly. 
            • Here is a list of how you can be a bucket filler. Be a Bucket Filler 
            • Please visit bucketfillers101 to learn more about being a bucket filler. 
            • Parents can send in bucket filler notes too. Bucket Notes 

    Class Library
    • Students are allowed to use the classroom library throughout the day.library
    • Students can check out two books from the library to take home to read. 
    • In order for students to check out a book from the classroom library, I need to have their check-out form on file. 
    • Books need to be turned in before they are allowed to check out a new book.
    • If a book is lost or damaged, a fee of five dollars needs to be turned in before they are allowed to check out another book. 
    • If you have gently used books that your child does not read anymore, please consider donating them to our classroom library. 

        • Computers are open all day for students to use for AR.
        • We will use the tablets throughout the year for projects and learning. 

    • There are two Parent/Teacher Conferences each year.conference
    • One is in August to review your child's progress report.
    • We have another one in March.
    • Conference days will be early dismissal days.
    • Please make sure you are at your scheduled conference on time. 
    • You may always contact me if you would like to meet at any time during the year.

            • You can always contact me via email, phone, or note.
            • There is a space on the weekly agenda for you to write a short note.
            • You can always reach me by email. My email address is zamora.amanda@cusd80.com 
            • You can send a message right to my phone using Bloomz. 
            • You can also call the classroom at (480) 812-6941.
            • Phone calls made to the classroom during instruction hours are sent directly to voicemail. Please leave a message, so I can call you back.
            • For emergencies, please call the front office at (480) 812-6900.
            • If you would like to schedule a conference, please email me and we can work together to set up a good time to meet.



    • The dismissal bell rings at 2:40.
    • Students who live in the neighborhood are the only students allowed to walk home.
    • Walkers must have the correct walking tag on their backpacks in order to leave the campus.
    • Walkers meet at the picnic tables each day to be walked out by a teacher.
    • Kids Express students will go directly to the multipurpose room.
    • Students without a walker or Kids Express tag must stay with their teacher at parent pick-up until they are picked up by their adult.
    • We will be waiting on the east side under the Ramada. If they have a sibling in K or 1st, they will walk to the west side to wait with them. 
    • Please do not get out of your car when picking up your child. This is for the safety of you and your child.
    • Please have your car sign ready and visible to the teacher on duty. If you need a new one, please contact your teacher.
    • Please inform me right away of any changes to their child's normal dismissal routine. 

            • I will send out donation requests throughout the year.
            • Some donations will be returned after use.
            • No student is ever left out of an activity or party for not donating. 
            • You may also visit our classroom donation page here for a list of items most needed. 
            • Donations are never required but always appreciated. 
     Drop off


    • School starts at 8:10. Students have to be in class before the second bell rings, or they will be marked as late.
    • Students should not be on campus until 7:45. This is for their own safety. Teachers who are on duty will not be there to supervise until that time.

    Early Release
          • The dismissal time for early release days is 11:10.
          • Students will be dismissed to their usual spots
          • Sack lunches will be provided upon parents' request.
          • Students only need to pack lunch if they go to Kids Express.
          • Early release days are necessary to provide ample time for teacher-led conferences.

    green folder
    • Students are provided a green school folder. 
    • This folder should go home and return to school daily.
    • Folders are used to send home school flyers, nightly homework, pink and whites, and teacher notes.
    • Please clean out your child's folder weekly. 
    • Use the folder to send back notes, order forms, and money. 
    • Students are responsible for emptying out their folders each morning.


            • Report cards are posted 4 times a year.
            • Progress reports will be posted 4-5 weeks before report cards.
            • Graded papers are sent home a week after the assignment is completed. 
            • Please check green folders for all graded assignments.
            • You can visit Infinite Campus to check your child's grades. 
            • Please click here for directions from the district on logging into Infinite Campus
            • Here is the grading scale for CTA-Goodman:
              • 90% - 100% = A
              • 80% - 89%   = B
              • 70% - 79%   = C
              • 60% - 69%   = D
              • 50% - 59%   = F 
            • If you would like to discuss your child's grades, please contact me at any time. 

    • Students are graded on handwriting once a week. 
    • Students are expected to use the Spalding manuscript.
    • Handwriting covers six items:
      • round clock letters, straight lines         
      • letters hit the midpoint 
      • tall letters near the top line                  
      • letters sit on the baseline     
      • tail letters go below the baseline          
      • correct space between letters
    • Visit Phonogram Page for an explanation of how to format each letter. 
    • Spalding Letters is a PDF showing how each letter looks. 


    • Homework is assigned to reinforce concepts learned in class and to establish independent student reading on floor learning skills.
    • Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday.
    • Students should spend 15 - 30 minutes on homework each night.
    • This also includes twenty minutes of reading.
    • For more information, please click here for my homework page.
    • If homework is taking longer than it should, please contact me. 

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    • Students will be sent to the health assistant if they are feeling unwell.
    • health Parents will be called to pick up their child if: 
      • fever over 100 degrees
      • Persistent cough
      • Rash
      • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
      • Red, itchy, and draining eyes
      • Prolonged headache and/or stomach ache
      • Earache or toothache
      • Head lice
    • If medication needs to be administered at school or for any health questions, please contact the health assistant, at 480-812-6902.  

            • Students will have a weekly classroom job.
            • Students may lose their job if they are doing it incorrectly or because of misbehavior.
            • Some of our classroom jobs: line leader, door holder, messenger, pencil sharpener, librarian, and more.
            • Jobs will change weekly. 

    Lost and Found 

    lost and found
          • Please make sure you label your child's items with their first and last name. 
          • If your child has misplaced an item at school, they should check lost and found.
          • Please email me and I can send them sometime during the day.
          • Lost and found can be located by the east entrance of the multipurpose room.

    • lunch We have recess at 10:55 and lunch at 11:15.
    • Lunch is over at 11:35.
    • A parent may come and have lunch with their student.
    • You may not take other students out of the cafeteria. 
    • Please sign in at the front office first for a visitor pass. 
    • You can meet your child at the picnic tables.  

    Math Facts

    math fact
        • Students have monthly timed fact tests. 
        • They will have 100 addition and 100 subtraction facts all year. 
        • Students will have four minutes to complete as many problems as they can. 
        • We begin multiplication after the winter intersession. 
        • These are NOT averaged into their math grade. 
        • Below are practice sheets that can be used at home. I have included division if you feel your child is ready.                            
                         100 Addition Facts                       100 Multiplication Facts
                           100 Subtraction Facts                         100 Division Facts

    math journal
    • Students have a math book that will go home each night.
    • Please make sure students complete the assigned problems each night.
    • Students must show their work for full credit.
    • Students may do the rest of the problems on the assigned pages if they would like extra practice.  

              • When sending in money or checks, please place them in an envelope.
              • Please label the envelope with:
                • Your child's full name
                • purpose of the money
                • amount enclosed
              • Money should be turned in first thing in the morning.
              • Money is sent to the office in the morning.  
              • Students are encouraged not to bring their personal money to school.

    Mystery Reader 
    • Parents are welcome to come in on Friday afternoons as mystery readers.reading
    • Please be prepared with a book of your choice to read to the class.
    • You may: 
      • bring in a small treat (example: pencils, stickers) that correlates with the story you read.
      • come dressed as a character from the story.
      • plan and run an activity for the students that go along with your story. 
    • If you are interested, please fill out the Mystery Reader form and return it to me. 
    • Remember to keep it a secret!  
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    • We will have three parties during the school year. balloons
    • One takes place in December to celebrate the halfway mark of the year.
    • Our midyear party will be our "Minute to Win it" party. I will need volunteers.
    • Another party will take place in February to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    • Our third party is our end-of-the-year party.
    • Letters will go home asking for volunteers and donations. 
    • There will be small celebrations throughout the year for events like birthdays and our gem reward.

    Pink and Whites
    pink and white notebooks
          • Each student will receive a pink and white notebook at the beginning of the year.
          • The pink and white notebook is only to be used for inserting our spelling words each week.
          • Students will get out of the nightly spelling homework if their words are written correctly.  
          • Our spelling notebooks go home each night and need to be returned daily.
          • If they are not returned, students are not prepared for class. They will be marked with code 7. 

    • Students are required to recite a poem in front of the class.poem
    • There are two poems per quarter.
    • In one quarter, a poem will be replaced by our flag ceremony presentation.
    • Poem recitation is used as a grade for report cards.
    • Students will choose their own poem from a selection given to them.
    • They will have 1-2 weeks to memorize and recite the poem.
    • Students must present by the set due date.
    • Students will be graded on accuracy, posture, fluency, tone, and volume.
    • A copy of the rubric will be sent home with each poem. 

    book report
            • Throughout the year, students will have to complete a book project.
            • We will do 1-2 book projects.
            • There may be some language homework when a book report is assigned.
            • Students will have 2-4 weeks to complete their book reports.
            • Students are allowed to pick the book from the assigned genre they want to report on.
            • These projects are meant to be worked on together as a family. 
            • Students will also have the option to work on extra reports based on the story or theme we are working on in Reading.  

    • We have recess before lunch each day at 11:20.playground
    • There is a shade structure.
    • Students will have indoor recess in the case of rain or a heat advisory.
    • There will be times when students will have the opportunity to stay with me if they need to finish up missed work or to work on AR.
    • Our second break is at 1:45.

    Report Cards
          • Report cards are posted after each quarter.
          • Paper copies of the progress report or report card will NOT be sent home. Everything will be online. 
          • Special teachers only give out grades during the second and fourth quarters. 
          • Math facts averages are not factored into the math score. 
          • If you would like to discuss your child's grades, please contact me to set up a conference.

    • Click here for the classroom scheduleclass schedule
    • There you will also find our six-day rotation schedule.
    • Schedules may change due to school events.
    • Please contact me ahead of time for birthday celebrations, so I may plan appropriately.
    • We are studying all day, so please try to plan appointments before or after school. 

          • Students have snacks around 1:45. 
          • Students may snack on clean healthy snacks during the day.
          • It should be something nutritious (fruit, pretzels, raisins, carrots, cereal, etc), small, and not messy.
          • Students may not have candy or gum.
          • Students are also permitted to have water bottles, but no other beverages are allowed inside the classroom.

    • balls Students need to wear their tennis shoes for PE.
    • Please return library books on time. Students will be allowed to check books back out. 
    • Please see the classroom newsletter or your child's agenda sheet for what special is coming up each day.
    • You can also view the class schedule page for the rotation calendar.


    • Students are picked up by their teacher at 8:00 (the first bell).
    • Students must be in their classroom by 8:10 (the second bell).
    • If students come in after the second bell, they must sign in at the attendance office and bring a late pass to class.
    • Please try to get your child to school on time each day. 
    • If you know your child will be late, please email me.

          • Students are not allowed to bring toys to school.
          • If a student has a toy, they will get a warning to put it in their backpack.
          • If the toy is taken out again, the toy will be taken away and sent home on the last day of school.
          • This also includes hair bands, bracelets, and anything else a student is playing with during class. 
          • Please check backpacks daily for any items not permitted in school. 

    • The CTA dress code has been put into place to promote the purpose of academics.uniform
    • Teachers will address improper dress codes by sending a note home as a reminder. 
    • Repeat offenders shall be counseled by the principal.
    • Here is a PDF of the dress code for girls: Girl Dress Code
    • Here is a PDF of the dress code for boys: Boy Dress Code
    • For further information about the dress code, please review the CTA Handbook or email me.

    • Here is the Volunteer Sign Up Sheet that you can fill out to inform me of your preferences. 
    • If you are expected to volunteer but unable to come, please email me so that I can find someone to replace you if needed.
    • I will email or send home a note when volunteers are needed.
    • If you are interested in volunteering and I have not contacted you, please email me ahead of time. This way I can prepare for your visit. 
    • Here are several ways to volunteer:
      • Donations: donate items needed for the classroom, activities, or parties 
      • Office: make copies, staple homework packets, and prepare learning activities
      • Events: set up and/or clean up, assist students, school or classroom events
      • Photographer: come in for different events and capture those special moments 
      • Take Home: prepare special projects at home, mark math facts
      • Mystery Reader: read your favorite children's book to the class, remember it is a secret

    Water Bottles
    • Please pack a water bottle daily.
    • Make sure your child's water bottle is labeled.
    • Students are only allowed to have water in class.
    • The water bottles are kept on the counter, but students may have water throughout the day. 
    • If your child forgets their water bottle, we have a water fountain in the class. 

    Weekly Email
                • If you have provided an email address, you will receive a weekly email.
                • I will send this email out by Monday morning.
                • It will contain the special schedule for that week.
                • I will also include any events going on that week.
                • Please check this email each week.
                • You can also view a copy of this email here.