If your child has never logged in to their CUSD Google account before, they can access Google Classroom by:

    • Go to classroom.google.com. Please log out of ALL other Google accounts.
    • Then "create account" using this info: 
      • s + ID# + @gse.cusd80.com for the username (USERNAME would be sxxxxxx@gse.cusd80.com - use student id)
      • s + ID# + ! for the password  (PASSWORD would be sxxxxxx! - use student id)



    Username: s+student ID number@s.cusd80.com  (Example: sxxxxxx@s.cusd80.com)

    Password: s123456(3rd graders password is the actual numbers s+123456) 

    In CLEVER: Moby Max / Learning.com (typing and technology) / Code.org  / Office 365 / Typing Club

    Click on the blue link to access the program login page:


    • User id: Sxxxxxx 
    • Password: chandler80 

    To log into ATI; click the green square and click “save answer” at the bottom left of the screen.  Click through all slides to complete activities.  Student Log-in Information

    Think Central

    • Userid: S + student ID + @cusd (Sxxxxxx@cusd) 
    • Password: s + student ID + ! (sxxxxxx!)

    Office 365

    • User id: Sxxxxxx@s.cusd80.com 
    • Password: s123456 (this is NOT student number, use the actual numbers 123456)