• DIRECTIONS:  Each video link below is designed to get students to think outside of the box in terms of what music is and can be.  There is a description with each video link that I would like you to share with the students before viewing in order to get them thinking and focused on the main concepts.  After each video, you could have a brief discussion with the students so that they can share their thoughts and reactions.  


    Line Rider - Beethoven’s 5th - This fun line rider video helps to visualize the music of Beethoven's 5th symphony.  Students should pay close attention to the dynamic marks (p,f,mp, etc.) and how the feeling of the music changes with them.  Does the music become more energetic, calmer, mysterious, intense, scary?  Imagine what the music would be like without the dynamic changes...


    CYMATICS - Science vs. Music - By definition, cymatics is the study of visible sound vibration and shows the transformational nature of sound and matter. This study clearly merges the fields of sound, geometry, light and mathematics into one through the presentation of stunning images created by frequencies of all kinds found in our bodies, in nature and beyond.  As students watch this video, they should think about the ways in which sound and music interact with us each day.  Each time a student plays their instrument, the entire instrument vibrates in various geometric shapes just like the plate at the beginning of the video.  Sound from one instrument can also travel through the air to other instruments making them vibrate.  A great example of this is when the snare drum in class vibrates when other instruments play.


    Virtual Band Performance - This is a great example of what we could do as a band this year if we are not able to perform in person.  As you watch this video, consider what it would take to make such a video work.  What would each student have to do in order to make their video work?  What would the teacher need to do in order to make this work?  Do you think this would be better or worse than a live performance?  Is this something you think we can do on some level? 


    Behind the Scenes Recording Frozen - Everyone knows their favorite movies, but imagine what the movie would be without the music.  This short video goes behind the scenes to show just a small part of the collaboration necessary to bring a film score to life.  Notice the collaboration between composers, recording engineers, art directors, musicians and movie directors.  As you watch, notice that the musicians aren't just reading music, but also responding to a rough version of the film.  Notice also that they all wear headphones so that they can hear what the recording sounds like in real time.  Also make note of the emotion that the director has when she hears the music put with the film for the first time.  The next time you watch your favorite movie, think of all the musicians, composers, and recording engineers at work to bring the story to life!