• New School Year/New Student Parent Information Curriculum Presentation


    • Please email me with any questions or concerns! 
    • I aim to return emails within 24 hours, during the school week.
    • Parents, please review and sign the student planner/agenda daily Monday-Thursday and student behavior calendar over the weekends.
      • Add any notes as needed as I will check daily, confirming with a stamp or my initials.
    • Grade-level newsletters will be emailed monthly and are available on my website!

    Class Mission Statement:

    Grade-level Behavior Autonomy (also listed on team page)

    • Our goal in 4th grade is to empower students to develop behaviors that align with the eight habits to promote productive learning and independence. 
    • All 4th graders have a behavior calendar where they will record their behavior rating for each day, with a goal of achieving a 3 or higher. A 3 equates to meeting expectations!
    • Parents, please review your child's behavior calendar daily with your initials, including Fridays.
    • The behavior rating/ranking scale can be viewed by clicking here

    Grade-level Behavior Expectations: Students will earn a 3 on the behavior scale by meeting the following expectations:

    • Habit 1 and 5: Leaders actively listen and participate. 
    • Habit 1 and 4-6: Leaders work independently and cooperatively.
    • Habit 1 and 3: Leaders use time wisely.
    • Habit 1-2: Leaders are self-disciplined and accept responsibility.
    • Habit 3: Leaders complete assigned homework.
    • Habit 3: Leaders complete assigned classwork.
    • Habits 1 and 4-6: Leaders are courteous and respect the rules, rights and property of others.

    Grade-level Behavior Accountability 

    • The goal is for students to earn a 3 on the school behavior scale. Students will be accountable for their choices through the following:
      • Reminders to make better/different choices and restorative, natural/logical consequences
        • Mistakes are learning opportunities and are expected, corrected and respected!
        • Repeated reminders will result in students having to lower their behavior score. 
        • Behavior expectation infractions will be noted on the behavior calendar. 
    • Parent contact will be made regarding patterns/repeated occurrences or severe offense (profanity, physical harm, dangerous activity etc.) 
      • We appreciate your partnership in reinforcing behavior choice accountability!


    We would love to recognize your child’s birthday by distributing a prepackaged wrapped food item OR a non-food item you send to school with your child. To be inclusive and sensitive to different food sensitivities/allergies, dietary restrictions, cultures/religions and family beliefs/practices, edible birthday treats will be sent home to enjoy. 

    NOTE: Food items must be pre-packaged/store-bought treats.  We cannot serve any homemade treats nor are we able to house items requiring refrigeration/freezers.

    Inexpensive and easily distributable ideas: pre-packaged Rice Crispy Treats, cookies, chips, Little Debbie snacks, or Hostess snacks!

    Invitations may be distributed at school so long as the entire class is included! Our class directory is available as a link on our Instagram page!


    Your child may bring one healthy, nutfree snack to eat between the beginning of the school day and lunch. All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle, and water fountains are also available in the classroom.

    Easy ideas for classroom consumption: fruit, vegetable slices, Gogurt, string cheese, crackers, Sun Chips, Veggie Chips, nutfree energy/protein bars etc.  Candy/chocolate, sugary sweets, donuts, cookies, flavored potato chips, cheese puffs/Cheetohs may be enjoyed at lunchtime!

    Dress Code can be found here on page 99-101.

    • Auxier is a uniform school on Mon.-Thur. with free dress on Fridays.
      • Shirts should be tucked in.
      • Shorts, skirts and dresses should be modest in length (approximately mid-thigh as measured by full extended arm-bottom of the thumb).
      • Clothing will be free of holes, tears and rips.
      • Sweaters/jackets worn inside the classroom should be solid red, white or blue.  Outerwear worn outside may be any color.
    • Please note that even on free dress and spirit days, students need to adhere to the CUSD district dress code, which includes
      • No torn/ripped clothing or clothing with holes, including jeans
      • Moderate length shorts, dresses and skirts (mid-thigh as measured by fully extended arm-bottom of the thumb)
      • See pg. 33-35 of the handbook for more details on the CUSD district dress code for free dress days.
    •  Students should wear athletic shoes on PE days, which will be on Day 1 and 4!