• Ms. Solien's 2023-2024 Optional Supply List


    6 Dry erase markers (BLACK only please)

    4 Glue sticks

    12 #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils please)

    2 Large erasers (NO pencil tops please)

    2 "Composition Books" (wide ruled)

    2 plastic folders with pockets (different colors please)

    1 pair of scissors  

    1 package of 16 count crayons (please NO colored pencils or markers)  

    1 pencil pouch with zipper (has 3 rings to put in a binder)

    1 sock (baby sock from the dollar store will work - - used for dry erase board)  

    Headphones (those that go in the ear and plug in, not wireless)

    Pencil Box (small rectangle - Please NOT the skinny one or zippered)  


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