• Accelerated Reading and AR HomeConnect


    The last day to earn the AR Field Trip is Friday, April 14.  No late exceptions will be given, so work hard Jets!
    Taking an AR TEST at School
    AR Tests can only be taken at school in the classroom.  Click on the link below to access the website.
    BookFinder will help you see if a book has an AR quiz, or to look up word count, points, etc. 
    AR Bookscanner App
    Bookscanner is an amazing app that displays AR information simply by scanning a book’s ISBN number!  Users may use it to create lists that may then be shared via emailed or text.  The app also offers easy access to arbookfind.com.  The app is $1.99.
    HomeConnect Passwords
    To see how you did on your quizzes, word count, points, etc. 
    Student Username: s###### (#-student ID number)
    Student Password: They have changed this year, so it is the same password they use to log onto the computers at school. 
    HomeConnect App for Phones and Tablets
    Parents and student’s AR can view quizzes taken and progress towards goals.  (They are only able to “take a quiz” at our school site.)
    Pull up HomeConnect  on the internet on your phone or tablet by clicking on the Jacobson website at AR HomeConnect Link




    • Click on box with arrow pointing up (at the bottom of your phone screen)
    • Click on ADD TO HOME SCREEN
    • It now looks like an App.


    • Click on settings button
    • Add to Homepage or Add Shortcut

    Note to Parents – You can sign up for an automatic email that will be sent whenever you student takes an AR Quiz. 

    Before you can start receiving emails, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your address that you will need to click on.