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    Tips for Packing a

    Healthy Lunch or Snack


    Pack your child’s lunch or snack full of the following….
    • Proteins, such as turkey, chicken, nuts, eggs, beans
    • Fresh Fiber, such as veggie sticks and fresh fruit
    • Wheat breads or whole grain crackers
    • Water or 100% fruit Juices (no soda)


    Healthier Baked Goods (Banana bread, Zucchini Muffins). 

    -         Peanut Butter with whole grain crackers, apples, celery

    -         Cheese sticks

    -         Yogurt/ gogurt (Freeze to keep them cool until your childs snack time.)

    -         Hummus

    -         Fruit (grapes, strawberries, apples, banana’s, pears….)

    -         Snack mix (Toss together a healthy combo of nuts, pretzels, whole grain cereal, banana chips, and popcorn.)

    -         Raisins

    -         Whole Grain Waffles

    -         Granola or Granola Bars

    -         Carrots and ranch dip

    Just a few tips…..

    -Our students have 20 minutes to eat their lunch so think about packing smaller easy to eat portions in easy to open containers!  For example…try making home made “lunchables” with cut up meats and cheeses, crackers and a small dessert.

    -Try using cookie cutters to cut your child’s sandwiches into fun shapes.  You can also use smaller cookie cutters to cut up fruits and vegetables.   You can now find individually pre-packaged fruits and veggies…easy!!   

    -Dips like hummus and low fat ranch can help make vegetables more appealing to children.   

    -Be sure to look for the physical activity ideas on the school lunch menus and try to do them together as a family!!

    Thank you for helping us with our efforts to help enhance the health and wellness of our school and community! 
    Here is a link to some healthy snack ideas!

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