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    Your student will be "Star of the Week" at some point during the year. You will receive a note on Friday explaining your week. During "Star of the Week", the students enjoy sharing about themselves, their families and their things. The following is a list of suggested activities that your "STAR" will participate in during the week.
    MONDAY Share a poster made with drawings and family photos. (The poster will not be provided by Mrs. Lenz)
    TUESDAY Share the All About ME!  page provided by Mrs. Lenz. 
    WEDNESDAY Share a favorite item (book, toy, stuffed animal) Come prepared to talk about your special item so that we can learn something new about you! 
    FRIDAY Share a favorite book. ***** NOTE: We welcome snacks or any idea you have to make the week a special one for your STAR!
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Last Modified on July 9, 2020