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    Important reminder for current 5th grade parents: Reminder to parents/students that will be in 6th grade for the 2018/2019 school year- if your child is 11 years old by July 23, 2018, they will need proof of a Tdap and Meningococcal immunization in order to attend school. Sixth-grade students that are 10 years old will need proof of the immunizations within 10 days after turning 11 years old. (Please note that the Meningococcal vaccine formula cannot be administered until your child is 11 years old). Click here for the immunization policy 

    Reminder to parents/guardians with medication in the health officethe health office will start accepting medication (with completed forms) in the health office July 17, 2018 between the hours of 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Medication will not be accepted without the completed forms. Medication must also be in the original over the counter container and/or prescription labeled container. Medication that is expired will not be accepted. See the medication policy for further details. Medication will not be accepted the first 2 mornings of school. This time is reserved for student and staff needs. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Reminder to parents/guardians of students with medical needs/healthcare provider services- Medical Health care provider packets have been mailed to parents if their student has specific medical conditions such as cardiac, seizure, diabetes, activity restrictions..... Please return this paperwork to the health office before the first day of school. That way teachers and staff can be notified regarding care of your child while at school. If you misplaced these forms or are enrolling over the summer, these forms are posted on the health office website.
    Donations needed for the health office- The health office is in desperate need of donations for the following items:
    • Underwear (Boys)- Must be new. Sizes x-small, medium and large.
    • Underwear (Girls)- Must be new. Size large.
    • Socks (Boys)- Must be new. Size medium and large.
    • Socks (Girls)- Must be new. Size small.

    The health office does not need anymore clothing donations- Thank you for your generosity.



    Other important notes:

    A reminder to kindergarten parents to please keep a complete change of uniform clothes (including underwear and socks) in your child’s backpack. Periodically assess the clothes to make sure they will still fit your growing child or are appropriate for the season. The health office has received very few donations of underwear and socks so parents will be called to the school, if needed, to supply a change of clothes for their child. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Many parent/guardian phone numbers in Infinite Campus are no longer valid, voicemails are not set up or phone calls are not being returned in a timely manner. This can be frustrating especially in an urgent situation. Please update any new phone numbers with the front office. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions, please call the front office at (480)224-2700 for information.

    Head lice in school-aged children is a continuous concern. One must assume that lice are always present in the community and school. It is recommended that parents screen their child for head lice on a weekly basis in a well-lit room. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has a great website with illustrations and information to help assist in identifying lice. Click here for the CDC link for head lice  Also visit the health office link for head lice information- Click here for CUSD Health Office Lice Link
    Please call the health office for any questions or concerns.
    Maureen Briggs, HA
    Fax (480)224-9646
Last Modified on June 5, 2018