My Mission For The Class

    I believe all children are entitled to quality learning opportunities 
    designed to enhance their natural curiosity, encourage thier creativity and 
    support the goal of life-long learning.  A classroom atmosphere should 
    promote risk-taking, collaboration, team-building, communication and respect 
    for every member of the classroom community.  Mistakes should be viewed not 
    as failure, but as a way to grow and learn.  Responsibility for one's 
    actions and one's learning is an essential element of the learning 
    environment.  A teacher should hold her students to high standards:  
    encouraging them, supporting them, and believing them.  Helping each child 
    find his or her own unique strengths and qualities and teaching each child to 
    resepect their own characteristics, should be a primary goal.  To meet the 
    needs of learners, building a strong partnership between the teacher, the 
    student, and the parents is essential.  Collaboration with teammates and 
    colleagues is an important way for educators to grow themselves.  The 
    partnership of teachers, colleagues, and administrators enhance and 
    strengthen the educational opportunities for all students.

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