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     For additional information refer to our district/school website. Arizona  Standards have been adopted and implemented, and all lessons are based on these standards.


    *Individualized Instruction/Assessments:

    Each child will be assessed and receive work in reading groups according to their instructional level. 

    Language Arts: In my classroom, Language Arts will consist of whole group instruction, Literacy Stations, small reading group instruction, writing, and a print rich reading environment! Common Core Standards focus heavily on reading, questioning, and learning from informational text. Therefore, our language arts program will integrate science and social studies.


    Individualized Small Group Reading Instruction: I meet with students 3-4 times a week in small groups. Each group receives instruction on their level. Some groups might be working on learning letters and sounds, while others may be reading books. The book will come home in a reading folder.

    Please sign the reading log that indicates the reading has been completed and return it to school the following day.

    *Please be patient, as it takes a few weeks to learn classroom routines, and assess student levels prior to starting small group work.


    Writing: In Kindergarten, students start with pictures, and then add words, and then sentences to communicate thoughts, ideas, and stories. This is a process that develops over time, but at the end of the year you will be amazed at your child’s progress. We will practice correct letter formation, capitalization and punctuation.


    Math: In Math, we will do both whole group and small group work. Many of our activities are hands on, so you will not see daily worksheets coming home. Common Core math standards want children to investigate and discover math outcomes! This will be done in class, guided by the teacher, and recorded in math journals.


    Science/Social Studies: As mentioned above, science and social studies will be integrated into our

    Language Arts Program. We will also do many investigations and record our findings in journals.