s Welcome to Kindergarten! s
                              Fulton Elementary

    Dear Soon-to-be Kindergartener, 

      My name is Mrs. Bartelt and I am SO excited to be YOUR Kindergarten teacher!! We are going to have a fantastic year together filled with lots of learning, fun, and making memories! I have been teaching since 2005 and have LOVED every minute. I have taught Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade. Of them all, I think being your  teacher will be my favorite!
        I want to invite you to come see me and our classroom at this year’s Meet the Teacher on Monday July 17th from 5:00pm - 5:45pm.  Your new room number is Room A1. We are the "A1 Stars of Kindergarten"!! Our classroom is all set up with exciting new things for you to learn, do and see. Please bring $20 (cash only) to Meet the Teacher to purchase your Kindergarten shirt and Take Home Folder. All Kindergartners will wear our new shirts on the 1st Day of School so we can show off our Kindergarten Spirit!! 

        On the back of this letter you will find a list of school supplies that you will need for Kindergarten.  Since we will be sharing supplies, please do not put your name on anything you bring. It is also a good idea to bring your school supplies with you to Meet the Teacher so your backpack will not be too heavy on the first day of school. Be sure to also bring your “Transportation Information” paper to Meet the Teacher so I can learn how you go home from school.

       I know the real fun will not begin until you are here to share it
    with me! I am looking forward to meeting you and having a

      Mrs. Bartelt      #A1Stars     #kindielandBESTland


    Click HERE for Room A1 Transportation Form