• PE Grading Policy


    • Meets Standard -The student mastered most of the knowledge and skill areas assessed during the semester
    • Progressing - The student mastered some of the knowledge and skill area assessed during the semester and/or shows evidence of developing understanding or skills.
    • Area of Concern- The student was unable to master the knowledge and skill areas assessed during the semester and/or shows little evidence of developing understanding or skill(s). 

    Behavior and Participation

    • The grade of"E" (Excellent)
      • Reserved for students with exceptional behavior. This grade is earned by students who are noticeably exemplary in their behavior and show leadership as they proactively project a positive attitude and example for their classmates. This student rarely, if ever, needs a reminder about their behavior, as it is always appropriate and conducive to a positive learning environment. This student is helpful to others and tries their hardest to participate at all times.
    • The grade of"S" (Satisfactory)
      • Given to students who are meeting the expected behavior standard. They listen well, follow directions, and require only occasional reminders and redirection. They are usually respectful of the teacher and other students and respond well when they need a reminder. 
    • The grade of"I" (Improving behavior)
      • Given to students who need frequent reminders about their behavior. They may be a distraction to the teacher or other students and interrupt the lesson with off task behavior.  When the student receives a reminder or re-direct, the student may respond temporarily, but may need more than one reminder in a class period. The student has difficulty with one or more of the following behaviors:
        • Listening and paying attention during instruction
        • Keeping hands and feet to self
        • Shouting out, extreme competitiveness, disrespectful, and talking at inappropriate times
        • Using equipment appropriately
    • The grade"N" (Needs Improvement)  
      • Given to students who constantly have difficulty with the behaviors listed above and show little or no improvement when reminded or redirected. They willfully show disrespect for teachers and other students. They willfully choose to not follow rules and disrupt the class and inhibit learning for others.