• Accelerated Science 7/8 

    This course is a combination of Integrated Science 7 and 8. Students will explore science concepts using an inquiry-based approach with emphasis on the skills of observation and hypothesis generation, scientific testing, and analysis and interpretation of scientific data. Integrated topics will include populations and organisms in an ecosystem; structure of the Earth; Earth processes and systems; Earth in the Solar System reproduction and heredity; diversity, adaptation and behavior; properties and changes of properties in matter; and motion and forces. Topics will encompass history and nature of science study as well as science in personal and social perspectives.

    Honors Social Studies 7th and 8th Grade  

    The seventh grade social studies program focuses on the history of North America from the contributions of each civilizations up to the Reconstruction Period in the United States. This standards-based course examines the relationship of historical events and people, significant themes, ideas, beliefs and turning points in North American History. The course will require students to read literary works and other primary source materials related to the content of the course. Students will begin to develop the writing and research skills necessary for high school level. 

    Mandarin Chinese 2 

    ACP, AJHS, BJHS, and CCHS only

    This course will continue to build upon the basic vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills the students learned in the first year. Emphasis will be on daily dialogue practicing, short article/story reading, and free journal writing. Students also will explore further knowledge about Chinese history, culture, geography and current events.

    Intermediate Guitar 

    This class is for students who are beyond the beginning level. Chording and note reading will be emphasized. Students must provide their own acoustic guitars. No electric guitars are permitted. 

    Boys Choir 

    This choir is open to any male student who likes to sing. Singing in unison, two-part harmony, and music reading will be stressed. There will be two required performances per semester. 

    Engineering - Project Lead the Way 

    Project Lead the Way is a one semester foundational junior high level STEM program which incorporates aspects of the engineering field of study. 7th graders will experience hands-on challenges which will take them through the process of design and modeling. All students will receive basic skills which will help prepare them to be competitive in the global economy, including designing, sketching, 3D computer modeling, understanding mechanisms, robotic building, and graphic based computer programming. During this semester long class students will also have opportunities to explore various CUSD STEM programs along with local tech corporations and universities. There is no pre-requisite to this class. This introductory class feeds into all CUSD High School STEM programs.



    The AVID course is designed to prepare students for success in postsecondary education. This course provides support and skill development in areas specifically aligned with success in rigorous courses in the foundation content areas and in preparing students for success in college. A recommendation, application and interview are required. Students must be accepted into the AVID program.