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    Position: Pre-K

    Room: 2

    Phone: 480-812-6032

    Email: Rina Paulk

     Rina Paulk

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    My name is Rina Paulk and I am a very proud Andersen Astronaut! Being part of this learning community is an honor and I love learning and growing with our students every day.

    My Education and Professional Background

    This is my 8th year with Andersen and my 25th year as an early childhood educator. Teaching as high as 3rd grade, I have learned that I have a passion for teaching young minds.  I love the challenge of encouraging them to fall in love with school and watching them embrace acquiring new knowledge. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    Watching children maneuver through life is like watching a work of art take form. In the beginning, we might be totally confused as to why the artist starts with a particular color, just like we are sometimes confused by the acts of children. But, just as the artist sticks with their artwork and creates a masterpiece, when we give children guidance and our patience, they can create greatness and beauty in our world.