• Curriculum Overview

    The curriculum in the Chandler Unified School District and at Sanborn Elementary is aligned to the Arizona State Standards. Performance objectives are identified for each strand and concept and progress is monitored quarterly. In addition to language arts and math objectives, science and social studies are regular parts of the curriculum.

     Click this link for:  CUSD Standards and Curriculum



    All students in grades K-5 use McGraw-Hill, My Math textbooks to assist in the understanding of mathematics concepts.  Grade 6 students use the Glencoe Math, Course 1 textbook.  Math and science are often integrated together to bring a stronger relevance to students' understanding.



    All K-6 students use the HMH Journeys Reading Program as a resource for literature. In addition, quality children’s literature at a variety of reading levels is used in the classroom for instruction.


    Social Studies and Science

    All K-6 students use the Harcourt series to learn Social Studies and Science concepts.  Materials such as Scholastic News and Defined Stem are used to supplement and enrich these Harcourt textbooks.