• 1.  Traffic entering and exiting is one way only off Pennington. 
    2.  STUDENT DROP-OFF is at the right side curb of the east sidewalk (Pick up A) or north sidewalk near our MPR entrance (Car Pick Up B).   All kindergarten students must be picked up at Car Pick Up Area B . Note -- Pulling ahead of another vehicle creates an unsafe hazard.  Come to a complete stop before letting your child exit or enter the vehicle.  Cars must not be left unattended.  Children will only be allowed to enter/exit from the passenger side of the vehicle from the sidewalk.  At no time should children be in the street.  Carefully check for oncoming vehicles before pulling out into the exit lane that returns to Pennington.
    3. The STUDENT BUS drop-off and pick-up area is at the northeast circular turnaround. Parent vehicles are restricted from this area and must yield the right-a-way to buses. (Arizona School Bus Standards 17-09-104)
    4.  Parents who need to park their vehicles and enter the building for official school business will proceed from Pennington in the right lane to the north front Office Visitor Parking Lot.  This is not designated as a pick-up area or for curb-side parking.
    5.  The west parking lot is for staff vehicles and is not available for student drop-off.  The playground is adjacent from the parking lot and must be a protected environment
    6. WALKERS and STUDENT ON BICYCLES use the bike path (north sidewalk) off Pennington to proceed to the playground or exit from school.
Last Modified on March 24, 2013