Vidya Balasubramaniam

    Mrs. Vidya Balasubramaniam

    8th     Grade Science Teacher

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    Hello and welcome to my website! I will be teaching your 8th grade students the wonderful world of science as it applies to physics, chemistry andlife science. Please utilize this website to have up-to-date information on curriculum and helpful links for parents and students to ensure your success here at Andersen Jr. High School.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached throughout the day via email balasubramaniam.vidya@cusd80.com or before and after school by phone (480) 883-5359. I look forward to working with you and your child this school year. 

    Educational Background

    I graduated from the Engineering College in 1998 with a major in Computer Engineering. I have a post-baccalaureate in secondary education from Bridgewater State College in Boston, MA.

    Professional Background

     I have an Engineering degree in Computer Science. I worked in the corporate world for 5 years as a software engineer before deciding to become a teacher. I taught 8th grade for 5 years in Boston, MA before moving to AZ. I am certified in Secondary Education (7th-12th) in mathematics and (7th-8th) science and hold an endorsement in SEI. I am also certified to teach (5-12) mathematics and (5-8) science in MA.

    Educational Philosophy

    A teacher's effect last throughout the student's life, and she can never tell when her influence stops. This quote sums up my philosophy of teaching. A teacher plays a major role in grooming the kids personality and principles that carry them through their life.

    My goal is to set an example as a lifelong learner, so that learning becomes exciting, rewarding and worthwhile. When students discover this passion, they take responsibility and ownership which leads to success. I want to imbibe curiosity and thirst for knowledge in the kids through my own curiosity and thirst for knowledge. My overall classroom goal is to provide every student with a safe and caring place to learn where they can reach their full potential.  I also believe in making relationships with the kids where they are comfortable sharing information and questions alike. My classroom is a classroom of social emotional learning.   

     Personal Interests

    We like to play board games with our sons. My sons go to CUSD. We are a hiking and National Park family (we have seen 13 in all till now). In the summer of 2015, our family hiked down to Crater Lake,(Crater Lake National Park) the deepest natural lake in North America that was created by a dormant volcano.  We also visited the magnificent Redwood Forests (Redwood National Park) which was a personal and scientific exploration. In 2019 summer my son is going to visit Japan with my husband.  As a family we will be visiting Bryce and Zion National Park summer 2019.

    The Choice Is Yours!

     Andersen Junior High has been recognized twice as an A+ School of Excellence. We offer a wide variety of options that help all types of student learners such as;  gender and mixed gender classes, International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program, academic lab, as well as outstanding fine arts and athletic programs. We are able to provide a learning environment with minimal distractions to all students because of the school wide discipline program, Responsible Thinking Process, which helps students make the right decisions and receive a high quality education. The entire faculty and staff here at Andersen Jr. High believe in helping students succeed and strive every day to "make a difference" in and out of the classroom. I truly hope your son or daughter enjoys being a vital part of the success of Andersen Jr. High. Go Jaguars!