• Curriculum in Kindergarten

    How to help with DIBELS at home:
    What 1st graders need to know by the end of the year:

    -Segmenting: /f/  /a/  /n/= fan

    -Long and short vowel sounds

    - Reading CVC words fluently (cat/mix/etc.)

    - Spell using the following digraphs (th/sh/ch/wh/ck)

    - Read long vowel words (ex: pail)

    - Syllables: (ex: Den-tist)

    - Read 1st grades sight words

    - Read fluently

    - Tell time

    - Measure objects

    - Identify 1/2 and 1/4 shapes

    - Read graphs

    - Count/write to 120 by 1's/10's/5's

    - Add/subtract within 10 fluently 

    - 10 more/10 less 

    -Place value (tens and ones)



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