• Discipline Plan

    To encourage growth, respect and continuous learning, I have established five important classroom procedures that I will enforce throughout the year.  These rules and the consequences for not following them are outlined below:

    Classroom Procedures

    1.  Respect yourself and others 

    2.  Be a good listener 

    3.  Follow directions 

    4.  Try your best

    5.  Have fun 

    In addition to these community guidelines, I will teach and review several different life skills throughout the year.  These skills will not only help the children achieve academic and social success, but they will also facilitate their entrance into the real world.


    1st offense - warning

    2nd offense - working time out - flip card to yellow

    3rd offense - time out during recess, note home to parent - flip card to red

    4th offense - student will be removed from the classroom and parents will be contacted

    **All behaviors will be communicated daily on the take-home behavior chart. 


    Students exhibiting positive behaviors may receive teacher praise, prizes, treats, sticker, super jobs, smelly smiles, special activities and/or happy notes home.  I also give out super jobs to students following directions, being a learner, being a leader, being safe, being responsible and being respectful.  Super jobs may result in a trip to the treasure box, or special prizes.