• KAIROS: capture the supreme moment!

    Our finest Spartan Leaders

    Auxier Aviators are EXTRAORDINARY!
    Sofia is such a selfless person, making sure she includes all.  She is always willing to share and is very generous.  She is positive, kind, helpful and enthusiastic.  Sofia's smile is contageous and she brings joy and happiness to everyone around her. 
    Austin is a great role model and a loyal friend to everyone. He is caring and shows compassion by putting the needs of others above his own.  He is trustworthy and inspires his peers with his optimism and positive outlook on life.
    RJ is very creative and loves to write and share her stories with others.  She wants to make sure her friends are happy and always keeps a positive attitude. She is very polite and respectful and never hesitates to do the right thing.
    Briggs has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people happy.  He is very outgoing and energetic and his peers love hanging out with him, whether it is in a group in the class, or on the playground. He is dependable and his friends know they can count on him.
    Chloe is an honest and trustworthy young lady.  She shows integrity and people know they can trust her.  She is very humble and appreciative and shows a passion to want to help others.  She is very intelligent and a problem-solver, always happy to share her ideas with her peers.
    Peyton is a caring, kind and compassionate person who is friends with everyone.  He seeks first to understand before being understood.  He also is very responsible, putting first things first.  He is trustworthy and reliable and his friends know they can count on him.  
     Nikk is Kairos
    Nikk is proud to be himself, yet very humble.  He is a selfless person who always puts others first.  He is helpful, kind, thoughtful and considerate and always very positive. 
    Zyris is a dedicated, respectful, kind and caring person.  She is very positive and has a fun sense of humor, always making people laugh and being a great friend to all.  
    Parker loves to help others and is committed to always doing his best.  He is very caring and kind and helps cheer up his friends when they are down.   He is a very positive person and a great role model, as he lives the 7 Habits in his words and actions.
     Aila is extraordinary as a leader and exhibits all the 7 Habits of Leadership.  She always puts first things first, and seeks first to understand before being understood.  She is caring, kind and compassionate and truly loves helping others. 
     Abby is a great listener and is a kind and caring person who always puts others first. She makes her friends feel special and valued by giving sincere compliments and being a good friend.  She is selfless and sacrifices her own needs for others so they feel happy.  
    Jason enjoyes taking risks, asking questions and sharing his great ideas with others.  He is kind, caring, and helpful and gets along well with his peers.  He has integrity and people look up to him as a great role model and leader. 
    Trinity is a kind and loving person. She helps
    with various secretarial and technology tasks.
    Wyatt is a helpful person. He offered to give a
    student a pencil when no other student would &
    he's always going out of his way to help others.
    Braedon is Kairos
    Breadon gave away his only pencil to another student
    because he is always so kind and thoughtful.
    Clark Kairos
    Clark showed Kairos by donating this
    awesome Spartan Helmet to the class.
    He is always putting others first and 
    modeling the Leader in Me Habits.
    Emaly showed Kairos by being a great role model
    to the class and bringing her presentation to life.
    Owen showing Kairos!
     Owen rocked the class with his sacrifice of giving up his job for another student!
     Cele Kairos
     Cele sacrificed in Social Studies by helping the teacher get organized!
    Ella Kairos  
    Ella sacrificed by helping pick up pencils, cleaning, etc. around the room!
    Harley Kairos   
    Harley sacrificed her free time at home by tending to the family chickens and cleaning the horses feet.
     Delaeni gave up her spot to AR test several days so that other students could test.
     nathan kairos
    Nathan stayed after school to help another student on his job application.  He also does his brother's chores to give his family more time together.  
     Lauren Kairos
    Lauren was very thoughtful and made a card for a mom who was sick in the hospital.
     Hunter Kairos
    Without being asked, Hunter cleaned the entire kitchen, washed dishes, and mopped the floor.  He saw that his parents were tired so he was proactive and took charge to make sure it was cleaned.  
     Nicole Kairos
    Nicole always helps the teachers on her free time.  She always has creative ideas to share and is kind and caring to everyone. 
     Vicky Kairos
    Vicky helped cook dinner for her family the entire week without being asked.  
    Maddie Kairos  
     Maddie and her dad synergized to both meet a very important goal, a win-win!
    Brisa Kairos  
    Brisa helped a scared, lost child find her mom.
     Lawson Kairos
    Lawson found a cell phone on the bleachers at a game and turned it in and got it back to the owner.  
    Maddox Kairos
    Maddox created a video for his Papa to make him feel better and show him his family loves him. 
    Josiah is Kairos  
    Josiah showed Kairos today when he volunteered to help another student with an important assignment.