AR Reading Zones
          0.2-1.5   Yellow
           1.6-2.0  Green
           2.1-2.5  Blue
           2.6-3.0 Red
           3.1-3.5  Pink
           3.6-4.0 White
            4.1-4.5  Orange
            4.6-5.0 Light Blue
            5.1-6.0 Light Green
            6.1-6.9 Purple
            7.0 Black 
    There are two types of AR books.  Picture books are worth 0.5 points.  Chapter books are worth 1.0 point and up. 

    A.R.:  Your child should bring an A.R. book to class to read daily.  We want to promote the enjoyment of reading.  Please assist your child in choosing books that are of interest to him or her and that are appropriate to his or her reading level.  Students are encouraged to read both fiction and non-fiction books.  We have a wonderful school library.  The daily homework assignment does include 15 minutes of AR reading per night.  When a library book is taken home after school, it needs to be brought back to school the next morning.  Each quarter, there will be an AR grade in the Reading gradebook worth 100 points.  To earn all 100 points, they need to reach 100% of their goal, 100% comprehension, and earn 5 non-fiction points.