• What are the JGP parents saying?

    What are the JGP students saying?

    “Everyone has a different way of learning, and this program enables them to learn in that way.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the kids.”


    “Both of my boys like that JGP is more hands on.  They’ve also said, ‘the other kids are like me.’  I would summarize it all in one word—community.  I absolutely think JGP is worth looking at.”


    “Jacobson is a diverse environment from a cultural perspective, from a capabilities perspective, from a behavioral perspective, from everything.  In a diverse environment, they get to learn more and they grow.”


    “Something I have definitely noticed since we’ve been at Jacobson, is an increase in confidence.  Now that her bar has been raised and she realizes that she can meet that bar, she can even pass it.”


    “We’ve looked at all the charter schools, and I don’t think anything compares to JGP.”

    “Jacobson is special because you don’t only get that (gifted) environment, you get the regular school environment.  It really prepares you for Jr. High and High School.”


    “It’s more of a challenge for you, and you’re not getting bored when you’re learning something because you have to work hard to understand it.”


    “It’s a lot of fun to be in Jacobson’s Gifted Program.  It’s such a non-traditional way of learning, it’s really a great program.”


    “Jacobson’s (gifted) program is really challenging, and I get the work I need to prepare for Jr. High and High School.”