• About Prof. Daniel Farmer ...

    Position: 6th Spanish DLI

    Room: M-5

    Phone: 480-883-4962

    Email: Prof. Daniel Farmer

    Prof. Daniel Farmer

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    ¡Hola! Hello! I am passionately dedicated to being a part of the DLI team at CTA Liberty. In addition to teaching Spanish, I enjoy performing and composing music on guitar and ukulele, as well as exploring the wonderful biodiversity of our Sonoran Desert.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I began teaching in 1994 in Greeley, Colorado. I had the privilege of serving Peace Corps Malawi as a teacher from 1996 to 1998, where I became fluent in the language Chitumbuka. My career has also taken me to Ecuador, where I spent over ten years and continued to grow as a learner of world languages and cultures from the Amazon to the Andes Highlands. I earned my master's degree in secondary education at University of Alabama in 2003, and my Spanish teaching certification at Internacional Español in Quito-Ecuador in 2005.

    My Educational Philosophy

    Learning is a social phenomenon. Children possess the innate ability to learn and teach one another. A skilled educator helps the child discover this hidden resource and share it with others.