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    First Grade Tips

    If your student is absent unexpectedly, I will prepare his/her makeup work from the day and send it home with a note on the day of his/her return.  I do not always send home everything that was missed because some activities are done as centers/workshop.  I will make sure that all skills are covered.  If a planned absence occurs, please notify me as soon as possible, and I will try to prepare work ahead of time.



    Please send your student to school with their homework folder in their backpack each day.  Students will need to be able to carry papers and supplies to and from school.  Please do not send oversize backpacks or backpacks with wheels.



    Each day, your student will bring home a star behavior chart in their homework folder.  This is an important form of communication between parents and myself.  Please take a look at the chart daily, discuss it with your child and sign it.




            Birthdays are very special for first graders.  Students may bring in non-edible treats on their special day.  Please do not send in food of any kind.

       If your child has a summer birthday, I contact you in May to arrange a day to celebrate for him/her .   Thank you for your cooperation.



            I will be sending home book orders periodically throughout the year.  There will be more information on how to order attached to them.  A check or online ordering is the ONLY method of payment.  Book orders are a great way to get quality, grade level appropriate books at low prices and keep your student interested in reading.  They are all optional, so you may choose when to purchase/not purchase.



    The school district requires that we schedule two conferences each year.  There will be two one-on-one parent teacher conferences.  One is scheduled with each family in the fall and the spring.  Although there are only two mandatory conferences, I am happy to schedule conferences at any point during the year.  Just let me know when you need to talk, and I will give you some open times for that week.  I feel that communication is a vital part of the education process, so please feel free to contact me.



            You may contact me at any time with questions/concerns/etc.  Please do not hesitate to ask me something or get clarification, etc.  I am here as a resource for you, as well as your student.  I am happy to answer any questions and help in any way possible.

    School Phone: 480-883-4900

    If you need to reach me at the beginning of a school day, the fastest way is to send a note with your child.  I try to periodically check for e-mails and messages throughout the day.  However, with our busy schedule, time does not always permit me to do so.  I will always get back to you at the soonest time possible.  E-MAIL IS THE BEST WAY TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL DAY!




                           Homework binders will come home each day with the student’s homework inside.  Please work on the homework each night and send it back to school in the homework folder the next day. 



    Students will go eat lunch at 11:15 and then go to lunch recess at 11:35 each day.  They may bring lunch from home, or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.  If your student plans to buy lunch, please put the money in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name and room number on it.  I will collect the lunch money each day and send it to the cafeteria.  It is much easier for me if you pay for several lunches at a time and they will have an account in the cafeteria.  You can also put money in their account online.


          A newsletter will be posted on the website.  In the newsletter, I will include upcoming events, curriculum focus, and important information for you to know.


            If your student is tardy, he/she MUST stop by the front office before reporting to our room.  He/she will be given a tardy slip to bring to me so that I know he/she is officially checked in for the day.  School starts at 8:10, and attendance is taken as part of our morning routine.  Please be sure to follow the tardy policy to insure your student’s safety.  Thank you for getting your child to school on time each day!  



    During these hot days, it is a great idea to send your student to school with a water bottle.  There is a designated spot for students to keep their bottles, and they will be able to get drinks as needed.  It is so important to keep hydrated here in AZ!   Please DO NOT send in Gatorade, Powerade, or any other drinks.  Students will only be permitted to bring water into the room.  This will help keep our carpets, tile and desks clean!