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    Hi Fourth Grade Families  - 

    Attached are two links.  The first link is a scanned copy of the all the materials students need to complete the first week of distant learning.  The second link is the same material but has the links to Saxon and Journeys online.  If a link does not work you may always use Clever to access the online Saxon and Journeys text books. 

    The enrichment lessons and materials are not meant to be equivalent to being in school for a full day but may take a student from 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete all the pieces, depending on the child. The goal is that each assignment is to take 35 minutes.  

    As we roll this material out, this is a time of patience for all of us as teachers, families, and students who may encounter obstacles as we start this journey together using this new learning platform.  

    Week 2 - Lessons for April 6-10:

    Packet - Copied Sheets of all the materials

    Online Packet - week 2 - includes links to Saxon & Journeys

    ATI practice and test materials can be found on the tab to the left


    Week 1 - Lessons for March 30 - April 3:

    Packet - Copied sheets of all the materials (some of the copies related to the Journeys story are hard to read)

    Online Packet - March 30-April 3 - includes links to Saxon & Journeys. 

    Helpful Links:

    CUSD- Distance Learning - Link from the district about distant learning


    Directions on how to log on to Clever

    Directions on how to log on to Think Central

    If you are having problems with passwords - please email your teacher and she will be able to assist you.

    Thank you! - The Fourth Grade Teachers - Boyd, Loera, Prater & Smedstad