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Reading and Language Arts

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Spalding Integrated Language Arts
The language arts program will include the Spalding Method using the Writing Road to Reading along with the guidance of Succeeding in Reading with the Spalding Method Teacher's Guide.  As a total language arts program, Spalding integrates direct instruction in listening, speaking, spelling, writing, and reading.  The Spalding mission is to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, writers, and lifelong learners.  A strong emphasis on grammar, both oral and written, will be stressed on the Liberty campus.  


All language arts teachers at CTA shall have complete, or be enrolled in, the Spalding I course within five months after the date they are hired.  Teachers shall complete the Spalding II course prior to the start of their third year teaching at CTA Liberty.  The language arts program shall integrate the following components: 
1. Spelling and Handwriting
2. Composition
3. Reading/Literature
4. Oral Communication

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