• About Jiaxin Dong...

    Position: Kindergarten - Mandarin DLI

    Room: 2

    Email: Jiaxin Dong

     Jiaxin Dong

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    Welcome to Tarwater Kindergarten! I am so excited to join Tarwater and be your child's teacher this year. We're going to have a great year together!

    My Education and Professional Background

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Michigan State University. In 2019, I relocated to Tucson, AZ, where I dedicated three years to teaching as a Chinese immersion teacher. In an effort to become a better educator, I obtained a Master's degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania in 2023. 

    My Educational Philosophy

    My teaching philosophy centers around the belief that every child is unique, full of potential, and capable of vast learning. For kindergartners, I seek to nurture their inherent curiosity by encouraging inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking in a supportive and inclusive environment. I prioritize holistic education, balancing academic success with social and emotional development, and creating a classroom where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities. Emphasizing collaboration, I aim to cultivate a sense of community where diverse perspectives are valued. Through learning at Tarwater, I wish children to obtain the skills, knowledge, and resilience they need to navigate the world with confidence and a love for lifelong learning.