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Position: Third Grade Teacher
Room: 20
Phone: 480-883-4300
Email: Wittreich

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Hello and welcome to our room. I am excited for another year of new faces and opportunities to learn and grow. It's always exciting to start a new school year. No year is like the one before it, or the one after it. It's a fresh start for my students and I to get to know each other and learn from each other.

My Education and Professional Background

My name is Mike Wittreich and I graduated from Northern Arizona University in December of 1999 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Elementary Education. I did my student teaching right here at Tarwater with Ms. Donovan and her 3rd grade class in the Fall of 1999. I then worked as a site substitute in the spring of 2000. Since then I haven't been able to leave this terrific school. I had a wonderful time teaching 2nd grade for 14 years. In The fall of 2014 I moved up to 3rd grade and have enjoyed the change.

My Educational Philosophy

It is my job not only to teach my students our state standards, but to also prepare them to be citizens of the world. Kindness, compassion and respect are best learned through example. It is my desire to foster these qualities in my students by the way I interact with each one of them on a daily basis. I hope to inspire my students to change the world for the better by always striving to do and be their best.

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