2024-2025 Bogle Competition Robotics

    At the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year, check your schedule. If you do not see the "Robotics" class on your schedule, please talk to your counselor and they can tell you what happened. There may be a course conflict, and you have to choose between courses. You must be enrolled in the "Robotics" elective class to be on the team and cannot just attend after-school club meeting days.

     Want to be the best team this year?

    • STUDY THE VEX VRC "High Stakes" Game MANUAL. Memorize all you can because you will be the experts!
    • Watch YouTube videos of High Stakes robot reveals or robots that have competed in the past VEX games similar to High Stakes.
    • Constantly check the VEX forum for High Stakes updates, strategies, design builds, etc...
    • Learn how to use Onshape or Inventor CAD software to design a robot and animate mechanisms. I was told Onshape is easier to set up and use.
    • Learn how to code in C++.
    • Research winning VEX VRC Notebooks and see what is required to maintain an award-winning notebook!
    • Design potential mechanisms/robots on paper or in a CAD program so you can present it to the team next year.
    • BUILD SOMETHING! Learn how to use power tools, screwdrivers, hacksaws, nuts and bolts, sanding/filing things, measuring, and use safety glasses everybody!


    About Bogle Competition Robotics

    VEX Robotics is a fun and exciting way to learn, make new friends, and apply engineering skills through robotics. The VEX Competition team at Bogle is a year-long commitment. This is not just a class and this is not just a club. VEX Competition Robotics is a recognized sport! Our robotics program is a student-run, teacher/coach-facilitated program. Students are expected to have a cooperative, positive, and respectful attitude at all times when working with any team and any time when representing Bogle at an event. Students are also expected to spend a substantial amount of time after school with their teammates AND on their own at home gaining skills to help their team succeed. Outside of school, students are expected to be self-motivated to research VEX Robotics, read VEX message forums, watch YouTube videos about VEX robots, and try any other means to become experts in this sport of competitive robotics!

    The VEX competition season starts in July and ends on the last day of school in May. A student who makes the team will be automatically enrolled in the upcoming school year for the Automation & Robotics elective class at Bogle. This class will take the place of an elective class for the full year, so teams can learn the ins and outs of competitive VEX robotics. During the school year, students will spend time after school 2 to 3 days a week for 1 hour building, coding, testing, and driving their robot according to the current game rules and VEX Competition. Additionally, students will compete in large tournaments against other schools approximately 3 to 5 times during the VEX season. These competitions are held at various locations around the valley on Saturdays and last approximately 10 hours each. Students must be dedicated to attending class, practice, and competitions. Students who miss build time during or after school and/or competitions, without prior approval from the team coach, may be removed from the robotics team and class.