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    Games for Tuesday November 24th 


     7th Grade Girls Volleyball plays @ HOME vs Casteel (4:30 Start Time)


    8th Grade Baseball plays @ Queen Creek Middle School (4:30 Start Time)


     **Update 11/23/2020:


    7th Grade Boys Basketball Try Outs - Nov 30th-Dec 4th

    After school 4:00 - 5:45 

    Please wear a white or grey shirt that can be written on in Sharpie. 

    Bring plenty of water! 


    8th Grade Boys Basketball Try Outs - December 2nd-4th 

    Before school 7:00 to 8:30 

    Please wear a white t-shirt that can be written on in Sharpie, athletic shorts and court shoes. 

    Bring plenty of water! 


    Cross Country Co-Ed

    Practices start at 7:30am on the track on the following dates : 

    12/3 - 12/4

    12/7 - 12/10

    12/14 - 12/15

    Please wear appropriate running attire and bring plenty of water!


    7th Grade Softball Try Outs Nov 30 - Dec 4th 

    7:00a to 8:30a on the softball fields 


    8th Grade Softball Try Outs Nov 30 - Dec 4th 

    4:00 to 5:30 on the softball fields 




    IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that your student is cleared to participate in CUSD athletics, please use the link to the left for Register My Athlete to complete the clearance process if you have not already for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students who have not completed 100% of the clearance process will not be allowed to participate in reconditionaing and tryouts until it is completed.    Please make sure that you take the required CUSD physical paperwork to your student's physical since the doctor is required to complete one form and sign the other(FORMS 15.7A and 15.7B).  All forms are available below. They will need to be uploaded in Register My Athlete after being completed.   



    Please scroll down for critical info for athletic clearance that is required to be completed BEFORE the first day of tryouts.


    Please use tab on the left to REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE 

    ** Athletic foms can be down loaded below ** 

    In an attempt to streamline the athletic clearance process, CUSD Athletics has gone paperless!  Please complete the athletic clearance packet electronically at "Register My Athlete".  All forms can be viewed and signed electronically, and the additional required forms (AIA physical forms, consent to treat and concussion forms) can be uploaded to your account via .pdf or .jpg
    (suggestion-- download a scanning app to your phone, i.e. QR Reader if you don't have access to a stand alone Scanner)
    Please read the Parent Information to register your students for athletic clearance for the 2020-2021 school year.  It is strongly recommended that all documents be submitted electronically PRIOR to the break that precedes your child's sport season. You will be able to register for EACH sport they are interested in playing as part of the registration process.
    The good news is this is a one time registration for your student as long as they stay in CUSD!  You will just need to upload a sports physical each year. 
    You may print and take the following forms to your Physician and then go to www.registermyathlete.com to start a new registration.
    (The AIA Physical forms are also available for printing at the end
    of the "Register my Athlete" registration process)

    2020-2021 AIA 15.7A Parent Physical Form 

    2020-2021 AIA 15.7C Concussion Form

    2020-2021 AIA 15.7D Consent to Treat Form

    COVID-19 Training Education

    Questions regarding the registermyathlete process must be directed to Register My Athlete technical support: support@registermyathlete.com  or call 435-213-1601.  Many questions can be answered by clicking on the "Need Help?" icon on the left side of the page.



    First Season       
    (In Session)
    Second Season 
    Try Outs (Nov 30-Dec 3)
    Regular Season 
    (Dec 8-Jan-21)
    Playoffs (Jan 26-Feb 3)

    Third Season

     Try Outs (Feb 8-Feb12)

    Regular Season (Feb 16 - Mar 2)

    Playoffs (Mar 29- Apr 7)

    Fourth Season
     Try Outs (Apr 12 - Apr 15)
    Regular Season (Apr 19 -May 5)
    Playoffs (May 10 - May 19)
    Flag Football (COED) Boys Basketball Wrestling Girls Soccer
    Girls Volleyball Softball Girls Basketball Boys Volleyball
    Baseball Cross Country Boys Soccer Track
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