• First Quarter 2019.20
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    The information below is provided as a courtesy for students. Nearly all printed classroom materials will be posted, but some files may not be due to copyright concerns. Absent students must make arangements to see Mrs. Redding in order to clarify assignments or to receive information about class discussions or activities that does not appear below.

    Week 10: September 23-27
    Monday, September 23
    Homework Assigned: Finish Study Guide (due tomorrow)
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    British and American Strategies Notes/Map Blank
    British and American Strategies Notes/Map KEY

    Tuesday, September 24
    Homework Assigned: 
    Study for test
    Home/Classwork Collected: Study Guide checked to see if it was complete
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents today
    Code for quizizz game: 277039

    Wednesday, September 25
    Homework Assigned: Organize Folder
    Home/Classwork Collected: Study Guide 
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    Updated Rubric for folder check

    Thursday, September 24
    Homework Assigned: None
    Home/Classwork Collected: SS Folder
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents today.

    Friday, September 25
    Passion Project Files

    Week 9: September 16-20
    Monday, September 16
    Homework Assigned: Boston Massacre Essay (Paragraph)
    Home/Classwork Collected: Analysis Qs for Docs 5, 6/7
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    Essay Directions
    Example for format of essay

    Tuesday, September 17
    Homework Assigned: Complete the "People" side of the British Acts/Colonial Reactions sheet.
    Home/Classwork Collected: Boston Massacre Essay
    Warm-Up: NONE (We used a KEY to check the Acts/Reactions sheet)

    Wednesday, September 18
    Homework Assigned: Begin Study Guide
    Home/Classwork Collected: NONE
    Warm-Up: NONE
    Links to documents from class: 
    Revolutionary War Study Guide
    See Thursday for Notes/KEY

    Thursday, September 19
    Homework Assigned: Work on Study Guide
    Home/Classwork Collected: NONE
    Warm-Up: Is it OK to break up a relationship over the phone? Why/Why not?
    Links to documents from class: 
    Key Dates and Events Notes and KEY

    Friday, September 20
    Homework Assigned: Summarize both sets of notes from this week
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: Watch a CNN 10 episode, write down three topics.
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents today. (We only got half way through something; will finish/post Monday.)

    WEEK 8: September 9-11
    Monday, September 9
    Homework Assigned: Finish notes/summary (due Wednesday)
    Home/Classwork Collected: 1st part of "French/Indian War Notes" received a stamp if done.
    Warm-Up: Is war always bad?
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents- students need to finish annotating the article from Friday, finish the notes, and complete the summary.

    Tuesday, September 10
    Homework Assigned: Finish the French/In. War notes/summary; Complete side one of the "Acts/Reactions" worksheet
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documets from class: 
    Wednesday, September 11
    Homework Assigned: Finish Doc 1 Qs; Highlight Doc 2
    Home/Classwork Collected: Summary and Acts/Reax Side 1
    Warm-Up: None today
    Thursday, September 12
    Homework Assigned: Qs for Docs 3 and 4
    Home/Classwork Collected: Highlighting on Doc 2 was stamped; students turned in question sheets for Documents 1 and 2 in class.
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    Friday, September 13
    Homework Assigned: Qs for Docs 5-7
    Home/Classwork Collected: Qs for Docs 3-4
    Warm-Up: None
    Monday, September 2:
    No School- Labor Day Holiday

    Tuesday, September 3
    Homework Assigned: Collage (due Thursday)
    Home/Classwork Collected: NONE
    Warm-Up: What are three things you know/remember about the American colonies prior to the American Revolution?
    Links to documents from class: 
    PERSIA for the American Colonies blank sheet
    PERSIA for the Am. Colonies- KEY from classes

    Wednesday, September 4
    Homework Assigned: Collage (due tomorrow)
    Home/Classwork Collected: NONE
    Warm-Up: Review the information from "Figure 1: Chart of the Original Colonies"; write down three things that you find interesting OR want to know more about.
    Thursday, September 5
    Homework Assigned: NONE
    Home/Classwork Collected: PERSIA Collage; Intro to Am Colonies sheet
    Warm-Up: NONE
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents today

    Friday, September 6
    Homework Assigned: French and Indian War Notes
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: How would you describe the relationship between the colonies and England during the colonial period?
    Links to documents from class: 
    French and Indian War Article (read and annotate)
    French an Indian War Notes Sheet (take notes based on the article)
    F and I War- notes sheet to type on, if you want to!

    Week 6: August 26-30

    Monday- No new documents- Review for Test on Thursday

    Tuesday- PERSIA for Modern Times, blank form; activity began with teams.

    Wednesday-PERSIA for Modern Times, teams shared with class.

    Thursday- Test, no new documents

    Friday- PERSIA for Modern Times, completed today. KEY of info from all teams.
               Collage Directions (due 9/5)

    Week 5: August 19-23
    Monday, August 19
    Homework Assigned: NONE
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing 
    Warm-Up: What are the most important rules in our classroom? Where did our rules come from?
    Links to documents from class: 
    Notes from class discussion/activity

    Tuesday, August 20
    Early release for Student-led conferences
    No new documents or assignments

    Wednesday, August 21
    Homework Assigned: Study Guide (due Friday)
    Home/Classwork Collected: NONE
    Warm-Up: NONE
    Links to documents from class: 
    Enlightenment Study Guide
    Thursday, August 22
    Homework Assigned: Study Guide due tomorrow
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing
    Warm-Up: If someone 500 years from now wanted to find out what life was like in the 2010s, what might they look at?
    Friday, August 23
    Homework Assigned: Study Guide due Monday
    Home/Classwork Collected: Enlightenment Artwork Analysis Sheet
    Warm-Up: Watch CNN 10, record three items from the broadcast.
    Links to documents from class: 
    PERSIA Sheet (explains what it is, why useful)

    Week 4: August 12-16
    Monday, August 12
    Homework Assigned: None
    Home/Classwork Collected: Answer to Q on Stranded sheet was stamped
    Warm-Up: NONE
    Links to documents from class: 
    Hobbes: Defender of Absolutism

    Tuesday, August 13
    Homework Assigned: Complete the table for Hobbes
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: What would be the best/worst part of being a ruler?
    Links to documents from class: 
    Hobbes Article with annotations
    Hobbes/Locke Table
    First Folder Check list of required materials

    Wednesday, August 14
    Homework Assigned: Finish the article/organizer for your assigned philosophe.
    Home/Classwork Collected: Hobbes organizer was stamped if completed
    Warm-Up: Was Hobbes right that the best form of government is an absolute ruler (usually a king)? Why? Why not? (Why do you think he thought as he did?)
    Thursday, August 15
    Homework Assigned: Prepare folder
    Home/Classwork Collected: Poster piece from Jigsaw turned in during class.
    Warm-Up: No warm-up today.
    Links to documents from class: 
    KEY to organizer for philosophers

    Friday, August 16
    Homework Assigned: NONE
    Home/Classwork Collected: Warm-Ups from Weeks 3&4 were turned in. Folders were graded.
    Warm-Up: NONE
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents- folder check.

    Week 3: August 5-9
    Monday, August 5
    Homework Assigned: Finish Annotations; answer Analysis Questions
    Home/Classwork Collected: Summary of Models notes was stamped
    Warm-Up: If someone didn't do well on the recent quiz, what can they do to improve?
    Tuesday, August 6
    Homework Assigned: 1-3rd period: NONE; 5th period, answer Analysis Question
    Home/Classwork Collected: Annotations of article was stamped
    Warm-Up: None today
    Links to documents from class: 
    No new documents today.
    Wednesday, August 7
    Homework Assigned: None
    Home/Classwork Collected: 5th Period: Analysis Qs
    Warm-Up: Are people most good but do bad things or mostly bad but do good things?
    Links to documents from class: 

    Thursday, August 8
    Homework Assigned: Answer the "Ticket Out the Door" question
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: 
    Reponses from "Stranded" presentations and TOTD Question

    Friday, August 9
    Pool Day- No New Documents
    Week 2: July 29-August 2
    Monday, July 29
    Homework Assigned: World Map and Vocab (from 7/25)
    Home/Classwork Collected: Classroom Guidelines signatures
    Warm-Up: When someone tells you something, how can you tell if it is the truth?
    Links to documents from class:
    Copy of Team TShirt Designs

    Tuesday, July 30
    Homework Assigned: Study for quiz (on Friday)
    Home/Classwork Collected: map and key terms
    Warm-Up: Does being a professional model seem like a good job to you? Why do you think they're called a model? What does that word mean to you?
    Links to documents from class: 
    "Using Models to Understand History" fill-in-the-blanks notes sheet
    KEY for Day 1 of notes.
    Maps: Continuity and Change Sheet

    Wednesday, July 31
    Homework Assigned: Study for Quiz (on Friday)
    Home/Classwork Collected: Maps: Continuity and Change Sheet
    Links to documents from class:
    Notes from today
    File with Historical Maps for Continuity/Change Activity

    Thursday, August 1
    Homework Assigned: Study for quiz; Finish summary
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing
    Warm-Up: What is your mental model of junior high/SS class so far?
    Links to documents from class:
    Copy of completed notes with annotations
    Friday, August 2
    Homework Assigned: Summary of Models Notes
    Home/Classwork Collected: Map, Key Vocab, Warm-Ups
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class:
    No new documents today (Students took a quiz.) 

    Week 1:
    Monday, July 22 - No School For Students
    Tuesday, July 23
    Homework Assigned: Research Theme (for team name)
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing
    Warm-Up: None Today
    Wednesday, July 24
    Homework Assigned: Team Logo
    Home/Classwork Collected: None
    Warm-Up: Answer these questions using complete sentences:
    1) What was the best thing about yesterday?
    2) What was the worst thing about yesterday?
    3) What was the most surprising thing about yesterday?
    Links to documents from class:

    Thursday, July 25
    Homework Assigned: Visit Website
    Home/Classwork Collected: Team name sheet
    Warm-Up: None today
    Links to documents from class:

    Friday, July 26
    Homework Assigned: Map and Vocab due Tuesday
    Home/Classwork Collected: Nothing
    Warm-Up: None
    Links to documents from class: No new documents
    NOTE: We were on an assembly schedule with shortened classes. 
    Students participated in an activity- no make up work is required from absent students.