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Position: 7th grade Language Arts
Room: 705
Phone: 480-883-5549
Email: DeNardis

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Welcome to 7th grade ELA at Bogle Junior High! My name is Miss DeNardis, and I have been teaching since 2006 - and every year in Chandler! I am originally from Oklahoma but have been in Arizona since 2006 after graduating from Oklahoma State University. I am so excited to work with you this year!

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BA in Elementary Education. After moving to Arizona, I went to NAU for my MA in Special Education. I went back again to NAU a year later and received a second MA in Early Childhood Education and began a Positive Behavior Support program. I added my Middle School Language Arts endorsement to my certificate in October of 2019.

My Educational Philosophy

Every child learns differently. My goal as a teacher is to find those ways that help students learn best and promote them, as well as exposing them and guiding them through other types of learning. I want students in each of my classes to feel comfortable with learning from me and from their peers. I also believe in communication. Communication between students, between students and teachers, between students and parents, and between parents and teachers. Students need to be able to discuss their learning, as well as their struggles. I believe in promoting problem solving in all aspects of the classroom.

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