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Position: Director Bands and Guitar
Room: 1003
Phone: 480-883-5577
Email: Aguero

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Hi there, if you've been looking for a place to go, this is it! You'll have opportunities to learn to play a band instrument or beginning guitar.

My Education and Professional Background

My degrees, Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Performance, emphasis in conducting, are both from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces New Mexico. Let's just say that I've been teaching a long time and have had many learning experiences that have made me a stronger teacher. In short, anything that could or would happen, we will have an avenue to get through whatever it is to find success.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe we learn as much or more from our learning experiences, A.K.A. failures, i.e. ouch, that fire is hot! I also believe that every student can and will learn. Sometimes as learners, we get in our own way by saying, "Don't wanna, can't teach me!" That's ok, in time, you will learn that it's a bad idea to give up so easy. Lastly, I feel very fortunate to work with young people because they are our future and what a thrill to see the promise of success come to life in all we do.

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