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Position: IEP Services/ Language Arts
Room: Strategies: Room 1, Co-taught English 7: Room 807, Co-taught English 7 & 8: Media Center Room 503
Phone: 480-883-5583
Email: Schradle

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Welcome to Bogle Junior High School! I hope you have a marvelous year and enjoy learning about everything that makes you wonder!

My Education and Professional Background

For the past 9 years, I have been teaching students with different learning abilities in the high school setting. I've just moved here from Wisconsin where I received my teaching certification in Cross-Categorical Special Education.

My Educational Philosophy

My philosophy about education is that everyone can learn although we may do it in different ways, so it's important to teach students how to learn by modeling different methods and strategies. As a teacher, I want every student to use their innate curiosity about their world to help guide their acquisition of knowledge and help them understand that learning is a lifelong endeavor. Whether engaged in academic classes or social-emotional learning opportunities, I support and encourage students the

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