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    GRIT Academy at Bogle Junior High

    Our Vision:

    The Bogle GRIT Academy is led by a highly dedicated teaching team that is committed to providing an educational experience that recognizes the distinct needs, talents, and potential of each student. These highly qualified content experts work together to integrate concepts from social studies, language arts, mathematics and science in order to create learning experiences that are rigorous, complex, and deepen knowledge while sustaining student interest. 
    All subjects are explored in ways that engage and challenge students, tapping into their interests, curiosity, and potential.  GRIT Academy teachers employ a variety of techniques and strategies designed to deepen student thinking and increase understanding of key ideas and concepts.  Instructional practices and activities specifically known to benefit gifted and talented students are employed. GRIT Academy students learn the foundations of problem solving and critical thinking while enjoying extensive content-rich experiences.  All GRIT Academy seventh graders participate in an accelerated math course that scaffolds and compacts key concepts from Math 7 and Pre-Algebra, while students are enrolled in Algebra 1.  This approach enables students to be enrolled in Geometry during 8th grade.
    In addition to required core classes, GRIT Academy students are integrated into the larger school community through participation in electives and self-selected clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities.
    The aim of Bogle GRIT Academy is to prepare identified students for academically challenging and advanced coursework now and in high school. Our goal is to instill a desire for personal achievement and excellence, a sense of individual responsibility, and a mindset of perseverance and growth in each participant.  We are Growing Resilience, Integrity, and Talent – GRIT!