Free & Reduced Meals Information and Application

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    Children need healthy and nutritious meals to learn and grow. CUSD Nutrition offers healthy meals every school day. The Free and Reduced Lunch Program provides students from eligible families with a free or reduced lunch at school.   

    Your children may be eligible for free or reduced-price meals if: 

    • Your family receives government food stamps 
    • Your family receives Aid for Needy Families with Children (ANFC) 
    • Your family income is at, or less than, the levels listed below. 


    The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 established that once a household is approved for free and reduced-price benefits, the household will remain eligible for those benefits for the remainder of the school year plus the first 30 operating days in the following school year. This means the household is no longer required to report changes in circumstances, such as an increase in income, a decrease in household size, or when the household is no longer certified as eligible for food stamps or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) once approved. 

    However, students who have been accepted to the program in the past must reapply each school year to continue receiving the benefits after the first 30 days of a new school year. 


    CUSD Nutrition recommends completing free and reduced applications online in order to reduce processing and notification times. 


    If you need further assistance, please contact:  

    Enriqueta Quintero 

    Free and Reduced Program/Account Technician 


    Chandler Unified School District Food & Nutrition 

    Part of a Balanced Education 


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    • Breakfast entrées with up to two fruit sides and milk 
    • Lunch entrées, with up to two fruit sides, two vegetable sides and milk 
    • Two waivers for SAT fees 
    • Four additional SAT score reports 
    • SAT online course, discount $40.00 
    • Two waivers for ACT fees 
    • Four college application waivers 

    A la carte items (packaged food products sold separately from the meal) are excluded. 

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Child Tax Credit

  • There’s still time to claim the Child Tax Credit. Families can get up to $3,600 for each child. Most families are eligible for this credit, even if they don’t usually file taxes.

    Families can claim their child tax credit by going to

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  • This institution is an equal opportunity provider.    


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