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Bogle Junior High School utilizes the middle school concept of teaming. Students are assigned to academic teams, each of which has core academic teachers. This allows students to enjoy the benefits of a small academic team of peers and teachers, as well as the resources and activities of a large junior high.

The core academic teams include:


The Chill
The Chill
Julie Clark, Science
Wesley Mattson, Social Studies
Neil Brewer, Language Arts
 team Redding
Savage Patch Kids 
Linda Redding, Science
Phillip Kennedy, Social Studies
Deeon Powell, Language Arts
team Fortney  
Dan Fortney, Science
Robert Stahl Yohalem, Social Studies
Christine Roehler, Language Arts
team Uy  
Dedicated Dorys
Khanh Uy, Science
Brien Durham, Social Studies
Tara Baker, Language Arts
Team Underwood  
The Junior Mints
Dave Hook, Science
Katie LaSalvia, Social Studies
Melanie Underwood, Language Arts

The Aces
Tammy Goodman, Science
Jennifer Latin, Social Studies
Ricky Jordan, Language Arts
Team Chapman  
Kevin Curran, Social Studies
Kelly Keppley, Language Arts

Team Morrison  
The Fam 
Kim Viliborghi, Social Studies
Jennifer Villalobos, Language Arts

 team Scheitlin
Jena Phillips, Science
Ginny Enright, Social Studies
Joy Scheitlin, Language Arts