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    Keys to Success

    As junior high students continue to adjust to a new school year, new teachers, new expectations and new friends, it's important to remember that these junior high years are setting the tone for how they will do in high school.   Many parents mistakenly believe that this a time that they can begin to "let go" and allow their student to make educational decisions on their own.  The reality is that junior high age students need their parent to assist them in developing good habits more than ever.   The habits (good or bad) that are developed during these vital two junior high years, will likely continue in high school.  You can help your student develop great habits that will foster success by following these simple pointers.  All junior high students should:

    • Attend school every day unless sick.
    • Arrive to school on time every day. 
    • Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning.
    • Get enough sleep (at least 8 hrs a night).
    • Pay attention in class.
    • Write assignments in agenda every class period.
    • Start projects right when they are received.
    • Develop a homework routine (same place, time and order every day).
    • Keep up on AIR reading by reading each night.
    • Attend tutoring as needed.


    If your student has already fallen in to some "bad" habits, you may be asking, "What can I do to turn it around quickly?"  Here are some simple things you can do to help make your student more successful:

    • Check student agenda for assignments, tests and black lines.  This agenda will tell you exactly what the homework is for each class, when projects are due and if a homework assignment wasn't turned in (indicated by a black line).
    • Ensure that your student is staying organized by assisting them with cleaning out their backpack and folders each week.
    • Monitor your student's progress by checking their grades on Infinite Campus Home.   You will need your login to do so. If you do not have a login, please contact, Allison Rasmussen (480.883.5524)
    • Put rewards or consequences in place and keep them short term (1 week at a time).
    • Know your student's team tutoring schedule.
    • Know how to communicate with your student's teachers by email.  Your student's teachers all have an email address on their web pages.

    If these simple pointers are followed, students will not only see academic success this year, but in the years to come as well!