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    These are some of the readiness skills we are looking for:

    • Enthusiasm towards learning
    • Solid oral language skills
    • Ability to listen
    • Ability to sit for about five minutes (1 minute per age)
    • Desire to be independent
    • Ability to play well with others
    • Strong fine motor skills
    • Basic number recognition through 10 (in and out of order)
    • Basic letter recognition (capital and lower case)
    • Ability to tie shoes 
    • Ability to follow multi-step directions
    • Ability to persevere and problem solve
    • Ability to HAVE FUN!

    Fine Motor Practice: (Look on internet for more fine motor activities)

    1. Have child crumple up sheets of paper or tin foil into balls
    2. Use playdough
    3. Cut playdough with scissors
    4. Use a hole punch
    5. Do puzzles
    6. Rip paper with wrist movement only (not full arm)
    7. Use scissors to practice cutting (thumb on top)
    8. Practice cutting straight lines, zigzag, curvy
    9. "Sewing"/Lacing buttons through holes
    10. Practice buttons on clothes, especially pants/shorts
    11. Painting with different objects (different brush sizes, a q-tip)
    12. Picking up objects with tweezers (the dollar store sells big plastic ones)
    13. Practice drawing/writing with different tools (pencils, crayons, pens, thin or fat markers, chalk)
    14. Build creations with blocks, Legos, lids