• Important Class Information


    Parents and students, please refer to the 6th grade news page for all important 6th grade class information, supply lists, rotation schedules, calendar, and other news.  Below is information pertinent to all 6th grade math classes.

    Homework Notebook Logo  HOMEWORK is assigned to aide each student in time management, personal responsibility, skills practice of concepts taught in class, the strengthening of basic skills, developing study skills, developing initiative, and fostering independent learning.  The homework policy will also keep parents involved in their child's academic progress, and the CTA's curriculum.


    Math and Language Arts homework will be assigned for every class period scheduled Monday through Thursday.  Students will be responsible for recording assigned homework in their agenda, so parents please be checking your child's agenda for communication on homework assignment information.  Please note that C.T.A sixth grade students' homework time will meet or exceed the district homework requirements. 

    All homework assigned shall be due at the beginning of the next class period.  Late or partially completed homework, although appreciated, will not receive full homework credit, and will affect a student's "completes homework as assigned" behavior grade.  Periodically, when appropriate, homework will be graded for accuracy and receive a homework assignment grade.
    Students who demonstrate consistent dedication in completing their homework as assigned will earn "Red Bird Bucks"  and have the privilege to participate in our sixth grade class incentives.


    Please allow your sixth grader to complete the assignments as independently as possible.  At the sixth grade level, although it should be expected per CTA guidelines for parents to check their child’s homework for accuracy, completeness, and neatness, it should be the responsibility of your child to take ownership of homework completion.  Therefore it will not be necessary for you to initial or sign your child’s agenda Monday through Thursday. 

    Parents signature
    will only be required on the Friday Section of each week indicating that you have checked and verified what has been recorded in your child's agenda for the week.  When checking your child’s agenda, please look for any teacher comments or for any "No Homework" stamps that may be indicating that your child was missing all or part of his/her homework.  Also, check the Friday section where your child will be recording weekly progress of current academic grades found in Infinite Campus, recording any behavior grades that may have fallen to an "I" or an "N", and the current account balance of student earned class dollars for our 6th Grade Incentive Program.  Your signature in the Friday section will indicate that you have checked the agenda and have verified your student's grades in Infinite Campus. 
    Teacher Responsibility
    1. Write homework assignments on the board and go over it orally with the class to insure understanding of assignments.
    2. Provide photocopied assignment sheets and review materials that must go home to complete the homework.
    3. Communicate through student agenda when homework is not being completed, or other notes and comments as necessary.  A red "no homework" stamp or written "No H.W." will appear over the written assignment on the nights that homework was either missing or not completed 
    Student Responsibility
    1. Write the assignment down word-for-word into student agenda.
    2. Take home appropriate needed review materials as directed each day.
    3. Complete work in a neat and quality manner using Spalding handwriting.
    4. Return completed homework at the beginning of the next class period.
    5. On Thursday nights, look in Infinite Campus and record current grade(s) in Friday Section of the Agenda, record his/her current Incentive Account Balance, and obtain a parent's signature.
     Parent Responsibility
    1. Provide a quiet place where your child can complete his/her homework each evening without distractions.
    2. Help clarify any assignments as needed.
    3. Check in with child to insure homework was completed.
    4. On Thursday nights, review weekly agenda and Friday grade update; then sign student’s agenda for that week.
    5. Write a note in the agenda if the student is having difficulty with a particular assignment.


    It is required that all missed in-class assignments and homework be completed.  All students shall be provided one day for each absence to make up missed assignments, not including long-term assignments.  Work not completed by the assigned time shall be considered late; however, teachers shall use their discretion to determine guidelines in acceptance of late assignments due to extenuating circumstances.  It will be the student's responsibility to obtain all missed assignments for completion and return them on time. 


    Students can obtain all daily assignments and homework information from the Assignment and Homework section of my MISSED CLASS? Daily Assignments and Homework Page website, or retrieve any needed handouts and materials from the class designated "What did you miss?"  area in the classroom.  The webpage will be updated by NOON daily (each assignment in this section has a description but you must click on the dated assignment to see instructions and retrieve/print needed handouts).  Please reference this page for all make-up or missed work (remember to click on the dated assignment for more information and to print needed handouts).


    Any student who misses a test or quiz day is responsible for making up the missed assessment the first day back.  They are welcome to come in at 7:30 during academic lab hours, or as early as 7:15 a.m. with an email confirmation appointment.


    Academic Lab

    Students who need additional help or assistance with homework or lessons (or need a quiet place to complete unfinished work or homework in the morning for their classes) may attend open morning academic lab.  Academic Lab is available 5 days a week from 7:30-8:00 a.m. Monday thru Friday.  To view each weeks most accurate schedule, please visit Academic Lab Schedule website. 


        P.E.     Music     Computers     library
    Daily Specials ~ Ms. Rinne's Special Schedule for 2020-21 T.B.D. 
    What day is it?  Woo! Woo! Yeah!  Click on the rotation calendar to find out:


    We are on a six day specials rotation.  We will begin the rotation on Day 2 with PE on the first day of school; please dress for success and wear those PE shoes.   Our PE and Music specials are from 10:30-11:00, while computer and library will be from 10:20-11:05, Ms. Rinne's period 2 math students will be following the daily specials schedule:  
    Day 1    Music
    Day 2    PE
    Day 3    Library
    Day 4    Music
    Day 5    PE
    Day 6    Computers              

    class rules  Behavior Expectations

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!  In our classroom it will be imperative to come to class with a positive, hard-working attitude each day.  Our classroom has one short three word phrase that sums up our simple rules that center around having a positive attitude and focuses on one important thing: DARE to CARE........ 
     Liberty Eagles Logo                             
     A – ACHIEVE              
     R – REACH                 
     E – EXPLORE              

    Reinforcements for Positive Behaviors

    Positive communication is used throughout the day to reinforce good behavior and reduce negative behavior.
      This number one priority is based on the belief that positive communication builds self-esteem and helps students become more confident, productive individuals.
    1. Students will be praised!
    2. Students will receive compliments!
    3. Students will be encouraged to "DARE to CARE", display Good Character, and focus on "Knowing Better, Doing Better". 
    4. Students exhibiting Exceptional Character and behavior will receive "Red Bird Bucks", notes, small rewards, and incentives.  All Bonus Bucks received will be recorded as a deposit in student kept bank books that accumulate a total balance in all sixth grade classrooms.
    5. Students will participate in a class "Bonus Bucks" incentive working toward class incentives and celebrations.
    Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior 
    Negative classroom behavior is dealt with individually on a case-by-case basis.  When negative or inappropriate behavior continues, you will receive a "Behavior Log" incident report as part of an important communication piece to inform you of the situation completed by your 6th grader and me.  Please return the "Behavior Log" the next day with your signature. 

    Parents, at this point I would appreciate your help in the matter.  Working together as a team (teacher, parent, student) we can correct negative behavior and work toward the positive behavior that centers on the task of learning.  Let’s work together for the most positive and rewarding classroom behavior possible.    

    When dealing with negative or inappropriate behavior, the following plan of action will be utilized when a behavior continues within a class period or within consecutive days during the week: 
    1. Redirection ~ a positive and encouraging redirection to appropriate behavior.
    2. Verbal Warning ~ direct verbal redirection to appropriate behavior and a possible "fine" recorded in their Bank Books drawing an expense in their account reducing their total balance.
    3. Behavior Log ~ redirection to appropriate behavior and assigned a "Behavior Log" to be completed, sent home, and returned.  This behavior log will be accompanied with a phone call home to the parents. 
    4. Office Referral ~ (last resort effort only) if individual negative behavior continues after redirections, verbal warning, and completed Behavior Log, then the CTA-Liberty Elementary Discipline policy will be put into effect beginning with an office referral.


    Other Important Reminders

    backpacks  Backpacks

    Students should have a backpack to carry important books, notebooks, and classroom supplies back and forth to school each day; as well as with them to their daily class periods.  They should be large enough to fit a 2 inch binder, their Glencoe Math paperback consumable workbook, at least two class books (as assigned), an A.R. reading book, and their required notebooks.  However, it needs to still be small enough so that it will fit comfortably on the back of their chair.  Backpacks with wheels are not permitted as they are not able to be placed on the back of student chairs and the classroom does not have adequate space to store them.


    Water bottle   Water Bottles 

    Students are to bring a bottle of water with their name clearly labeled on it to school each day.  Water bottles will be responsibly kept with the student for access as necessary. 


        pencils  Pencil Pouch

    Students will need to have a pencil pouch or pencil box of their choice to store all six-sided pencils and pens, a highlighter, an expo-marker, colored pencils, a six-inch ruler, a sock eraser or whiteboard eraser, and a glue stick.  Due to limited desk space, students will not be able to store any pencil boxes in their desk, but rather, keep it in their backpack for accessibility for all class rotations. Pencil Pouches are preferred to Pencil Boxes, due to the lack of space in the student desk and backpack. Please see the "6th Grade Supply List" for all important needed supplies for a successful 6th grade school year.  The list can be found by visiting the 6th Grade News page.  Note: The supply list is complete and not missing any supplies.  Students will receive additional needed supplies in class provided by the teacher(s).



    uniform Dress Code 

    The dress code is explained in detail in the CTA School Policy and Procedure Handbook and will be strictly enforced.  The dress code is in effect to help promote self-esteem and effective learning.  Extra care needs to be taken on PE days to wear appropriate athletic shoes.  


    School LunchLunch Time ~  2020-21 Schedule T.B.D
    Lunch Money ~ Lunch Money payments can be made one of three convenient ways:



        1.       Parents visit the cafeteria before school starts and make initial payment.
        2.      Parents can make a payment online at http://www.myschoolbucks.com  
        3.       Students place lunch money in envelopes in the morning to be sent in daily.
    No money is to be stored in student desks due to potential loss or theft.
    Students bringing lunch from home are reminded to take home his/her lunch box daily. Lunch boxes left overnight may encourage unwanted pests and odors and therefore will be placed in the annex lost and found the same afternoon it is left behind. It will be the students responsibility to retrieve the left behind lunch box from the lost and found.  Thank you.


    logo logobtm

     click on link below for more information about CUSD nutrition and food services

    birthdays   C.T.A. Birthday Policy 

    Birthdays are special and fun to celebrate.   C.T.A. Liberty has implemented the following Birthday Celebration routine. We are asking all families, "Please do not send in any birthday treats".   Instead, the teacher will present the birthday child with a special ‘birthday treat’ and "birthday shout out" to acknowledge the special day. C.T.A. Liberty feels that this will help keep the focus on learning and will help make birthday celebrations more consistent and fair for all students.