• Supply List for your Super Successful 2nd Grader:

    • 1 headset in a clear, plastic bag (please label with name)
    • 1 filled water bottle with a secure lid to prevent spills (please label with name)
    • 1 pencil pouch (not a pencil box)
    • 1 box of colored crayons
    • 2 yellow highlighters
    • 3 dry erase markers (black)
    • 3 glue sticks
    • 1 composition book or primary composition book (please label with name) 
      • A primary composition book is preferred because it helps students who struggle with handwriting. These can be found at Target or Walmart.


    Wishlist: kleenex, clorox wipes, baby wipes, paper towels, playdoh, bubbles, stickers, gallon size ziploc bags, sandwich bags, napkins


    Thank you for all your support and contributions to our classroom!