• AJHS General Information

    Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm
    School Hours: 8:40am - 3:33pm


    Principal - Allyson Stewart 
    Assistant Principal - Alex Randel 
    Dean of Students - Mallorie Kelly 


    Support Staff

    Donna Whitty, Office Manager  

    Fabian Valladolid, Registrar  
    480-883-5324, Fax: 480-224-9294

    Julie BankRollins, Health Assistant  

    Lorena Bermudez, Attendance  

    Linda Pardoe, Administrative Secretary for Student Services  

    Patty Ouellette, Administrative Clerk (Special Education)  


    Suggestions for New Students

    Andersen is a good school with caring teachers, counselors who will listen and help, and an administration committed to your education.


    School Supplies

    The normal pencils, pens, and paper will get you through the first few days. Each teacher will tell you anything special you will need for his or her course during the first week.



    During your 30-minute lunch period you may purchase an entire lunch, a la carte items, or bring your lunch from home. We have both indoor and outdoor seating areas.



    There is a dress code at AJHS, which is listed in its entirety in the school agenda you will receive your first day. If you wear modest clothing your first day there shouldn't be a problem.


    Getting Extra Help from Teachers

    Teachers are on campus from 8:00 - 4:00. Since you get out at 3:33, you can see that coming in early is the best way to spend extra time with a teacher. Most of the teacher meetings we have are in the morning however, so it is a good idea to contact the teacher ahead of time if possible.


    School Organizations and Programs

    • Team Organization
    • Collaborative
    • Curriculum Team Planning
    • Common Assessments in Core Curriculums
    • 60-Minute Class Periods
    • Elective Team
    • Physical Education Team
    • Site-based Decision Making
    • Modified Year-Round Calendar


    Instructional Programs

    • Variety of Elective Curriculums
    • Performing Arts Program
    • Interdisciplinary Academic Teams
    • School-wide Accelerated Reader
    • Honors and Advanced Classes
    • English Language Learners
    • Spanish


    Special Programs

    • Full-time Health Assistant
    • Three full-time Counselors
    • Honors Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies
    • TV-News Station & Studio - Daily Announcements on *KJAG

    *KJAG is our in-school televised daily announcement program. When the school opened in 1989,it included a central TV distribution point and a wall-mounted TV in each classroom. For ten years our announcements were broadcast live over this system. However, in 1999 we purchased the first of our three state-of-the-art video editing systems. Since that time, all announcements are written, read, taped, edited and broadcast by the students of the KJAG staff, under the direction of Mr.Chris Hales, our media specialist.


    Programs For The Success of ALL Students

    The transitional years of middle school can be the most critical and yet most difficult of a child’s education. To ensure the academic success of all students the staff at Andersen Jr. High School has implemented several programs designed to provide a helping hand and additional support. Most of these programs are unique to AJHS.


    4 Week Grade Checks

    Students are given a progress report of their grade in all classes at the end of the 4th week of each quarter. Students are required to take the reports home and return them with a parent signature.


    Infinite Campus

    The AJHS website has a “parent portal” where parents can check their child’s current grade in all of his/her classes. The “parent portal” is available 24 hours a day to parents and students. Please contact our office if you experience difficulty accessing the “parent portal” on our website.


    Retakes on Tests

    We realize that, from time to time, a student may not have studied enough to do well on a test, had a conflict with studying for the test, or didn’t really understand the material and thus failed the test. Students who fail a test should be given an opportunity to retake the test and, if he/she scores higher on the retake, should receive the higher grade. Teachers are encouraged to have the student demonstrate that they have studied and understand the material before retaking a test. This can be done by the student completing a study guide, correcting wrong answers on the test, or other activities like tutoring. Students are only allowed one retake for each test failed and only tests where the student failed are allowed to be retaken.



    Free after school tutoring staffed by several of our teachers and instructional aides is available in our media center Monday – Thursday from 3:40-4:25. An activity bus leaves at 4:30 for students who live in our busing areas.


    Read 180

    Students who are two or more years behind in reading comprehension will be placed in a Read 180 class. For the past several years the Scholastic Read 180 program has proven to be the most effective reading improvement program for secondary students.


    “Responsible Thinking Process”(RTP) our School Wide Discipline Program

    AJHS discipline philosophy is that students have the right to learn and teachers have the right to teach in safety. No one has the right to disrupt at school regardless of who they are, nor do they have the right to prevent other students from learning or to threaten the safety and rights of others. The AJHS standardized discipline plan known as the Responsible Thinking Process is exercised in each classroom, and on campus. It gives students a choice to respect the learning, safety, and rights of others. When students make poor choices, they choose to go to the Responsible Thinking Classroom. Students are taught to think for themselves, deal with their problems through effective plan making, and develop self-discipline.


    Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding these programs or if you would like more information.


    Thank you for your interest.