Attendance Office

  • Lorena Bermudez, Attendance Clerk

    If it is necessary for a student to be absent, the school must be notified by a parent or guardian every day of the absence. All absences must be resolved. A doctor's note is required following three consecutive absence days.

    When calling to report your child's absence, please provide the following Information...

    1. Student's Name
    2. Student's ID Number
    3. Your Name
    4. Date of Absence
    5. Reason for Absence
    6. Call Back Telephone Number

    Important Information for Parents

    Recent research indicates that school attendance directly affects academic performance. Help you child understand the link between attendance and success by making it to school every day. Many parents do not realize that school funding ($) is based on average student attendance. Help us reach our annual school and district goal of 95% attendance.

    Checking Students Out of School

    To maintain student safety and security, a parent or guardian will be required to present picture ID at pick up. Students will not be released to anyone not listed on their emergency card. All CUSD junior high schools are closed campuses. Students will not be allowed to leave during lunches unless a parent or guardian signs them out of school. To avoid classroom disruptions, please notify the attendance office one hour prior to checking your child out of school. We will then issue a pass for the student to leave class.

    Messages for Students

    Because we strive to maintain uninterrupted class time, we appreciate your efforts to make any special transportation arrangements with your child prior to the school day. We deliver messages to students during class time only in an emergency.