• A message from the Library

    Welcome Kinder Families!

    My name is Margie Foster; I am the Media Specialist at Fulton!  In other words, I am your child’s School Librarian for the next seven (7) years! 

    I wanted to let you know what to expect the first quarter when your child comes to the Library.  I will see your child once every six (6) days, which is different than Music and PE.  Music and PE sees your child every three (3) days.  I ask for books to be returned the day of their scheduled Library visit. 

    Kinder Reader

    Kindergartners check out one (1) book every week.

    The first four - five (4-5) visits to Library, I’ll read a story aloud and we work on routines and procedures.  For example, how to enter the library, where to sit, how to select a book, where to check out, what is acceptable behavior during Library time, where to line up, not to mention…how to properly care for books while at school and at home.  Needless to say…we have a lot of ground to cover in those first 4-5 visits. 

    After the 4th visit, I typically ask 5th or 6th graders to come in and assist Kinder check out.  They help guide Kinders through the routines and read together once a book has been checked out.  This helps provide a smooth transition to independence.   Additionally, the first quarter we limit their selection to the Everybody section of the Library.  After the first quarter, they are welcome to select from the Non-Fiction section. 

    Finding a book is often the most difficult part for Kinders, as there is so much to choose from.  If you would like to volunteer when your child has Library to help assist ALL students find the book they “want,” we welcome you into the Library.  Volunteers will start after their 6th visit to the Library.  Please email me at foster.marjorie@cusd80.com  and we’ll put you on the calendar.  Please keep in mind you must read and sign the online volunteer training before volunteering at school.


                          Margie Foster, Teacher-Librarian    

                                                                                                          480-224-3301    foster.marjorie@cusd80.com