• Welcome to our Library!


    Fulton Library


    Library classes are scheduled during a 6-day rotation.  During Library, students receive grade appropriate lessons on information literacy and district library standards, as well as, time to check out book!



    • Kindergarteners can check out 1 book per 6 day rotation.
    • 1st thru 6th can check out 2 books per 6 day rotation.

     * Exception: If students need books to support classroom work, research, or projects...they are allowed up to 5 books per student.

    Library books should be returned the day of library. Students will bring their books with them to Library at their scheduled time.


    • During the day, students are welcome to use the Library independently if the lights are on!  While we may have a class, students are welcome, with approval from their classroom teacher, to return, renew, and check out books.
    • If the lights are off, that means the Library is closed because Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Randazzo are on lunch duty or having lunch. Students may not enter the Library if lights are off due to safety concerns.