• Course of Study


            Our present course of study has many skills that seem to repeat material and concepts that your child may have covered in preschool.  We must repeat and document achievement in areas that you may or may not feel your child needs to repeat.  Repetition only reinforces concepts already mastered.  Reading readiness skills are incorporated in our program and many students are reading by the end of the year.  Each child will move along at his/her own pace through various homework activities.  Information regarding homework will be coming home at a later day.  Math is mostly "hands-on" experiences.

            Some of you may feel your child has already mastered the basic concepts we review at the beginning of the year (or any other time during the year).  Many of the concepts we cover are presented so that each child can take it to his/her individual level.  For example, when learning the letters/sounds, children who already have mastered these are able to use them to write words and sentences while others are practicing to recognize them by and sight and say the sounds. 

            If you feel your child needs to be challenged, you can help at home by keeping a special journal to write in, going to the public library to choose books, writing letters to friends/relatives, and playing games (there are many GREAT games out there such as Scrabble Junior, Guess Who, Checkers, Boggle Junior, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, etc.).  Games teach children many skills that help enforce many other interpersonal skills, such as taking turns, sharing, following rules, cognitive and problem-solving skills.

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