• Fine Motor Skills

    Fine motor skills involve the ability to control the small muscles of the body and usually are defined as those tasks which require a child to coordinate the eyes and hands together. Fine motor skills are very important to a Kindergartener's academic success. Young children spend an estimated 70% of their school time completing fine motor activities. Below are some activities to help strengthen small hand muscles. Please try to keep these activities fun and integrate them into your daily routine.

    *Pick up small objects such as coins, beans, marbles, seeds, buttons, nuts and bolts.  Sort them into containers of varying sizes.

    *Pick up objects (blocks, cotton balls, pom-poms, crumpled balls of papers, counters, etc.) using various-sized tongs, tweezers, or clothesline pins.

    *Stack objects (coins, cars, checkers, blocks,etc.).

    *Screw and unscrew objects such as nuts and bolts, caps from jars, etc.

    *String beads onto a shoelace.

    *Cut straight and curved lines/shapes drawn on paper, cloth, etc.


    *Crumple paper into a small ball and then flick it with the finger (play "soccer" with the paper ball).

    *Shuffle cards, deal one by one, turn cards over.

    *Roll a pencil between thumb and fingers without dropping it.

    *Rolling out playdough/clay, and sculpting with playdough/clay

    *Tie shoelaces.

    *Zipping up zippers on jackets, pants, shorts.

    *Manually sharpen pencils.

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