• Eating at School


    Lunch:  Kindergarten lunch is at 10:30, and lunch runs from 11:05-11:25 a.m. Recess follow lunch until 11:45.  Children may bring a packed lunch from home, or buy a school lunch.  Please set up a lunch account for your child.  You may deposit money into your child’s account at www.myschoolbucks.com, or you may visit the cafeteria before school to deposit money into the account.  If you send money in with your child, please make sure it is in an envelope with your child’s name, the teacher’s name, and room number written on it. 


    Snack:  For afternoon recess, your child will need to bring a healthy snack to eat and water bottles with WATER ONLY. No Gatorade, juices, lemonade, etc.   Anything other than water, will be disposed of.


    Birthdays: If you choose to have your child celebrate his/her birthday at school, please consider the following guidelines.  You may bring in a treat to share at snack time, but district policy states that it must be store-bought.  Please do not send in whole cakes, ice cream, or red juice.  As class size may change and food allergies may exist, it is best to check with the teacher before sending in a treat. 

    Only send party invitations to school if there are enough for every student.  If you are only able to invite a few children to the party, you may ask for a class directory to contact the specific families so that feelings are not hurt.

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